Today is my ‘happy’ birthday

The view from the hill is pretty. I am picking up speed too. Only sometime back my thighs were packed trying to force-pedal the bike….but now life is so easy.

Somebody had said that after 30, it would all be downhill…so true.

Birthday Update

Thanks everybody for all your wishes. With two women in my life…rest assured I will need all your blessings.

Some Statistics

On my birthday, I got 3 SMS’ and one-and-a-half call from Ouchmytoe readers. I say one-and-a-half because one of the callers asked me to call him back as soon as I picked up the phone and said, “Jammy here.” He saved Rs 98/- because he spoke for 37 minutes on how I had celebrated my birthday.

Moral of the Story: Never mention your mobile number on your blog, esp in a post announcing your ‘happy’ birthday.

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