Arm your bachelor friends

Oscar Wilde had once said “Rich bachelors should be heavily taxed. It is not fair that some men should be happier than others.” How untrue?

Who says bachelors are happy? They aren`t. It is not easy hanging around in the office, in pubs and finally sitting before a desktop and choosing between movies like ‘Angels on Fire,` ‘The Innocent Woman` and ‘My Tutor.`

Bachelors have so many questions they don`t know the answers for. What kind of girl friend should one go for? Is it a good idea? Should marriage be the ultimate aim? Will having a girl friend turn out to be costly? Is a King Fisher air hostess the best bet…or should one go for the Retail Consultant working with a research agency?

To cater to such desperate souls, Ouchmytoe.com has stepped in and made a compilation of articles those clear doubts that a young, handsome bachelor might have.

Don`t we all have such bachelor friends? Why don`t you help them – the least you can do – by forwarding them this guide to bachelordom?

Download Now [PDF, 235Kb, 17 Pages, 7 Articles]
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Coming soon! Compilations for –

  • Newly married men
  • Men married for more than two years
  • Men with Hitler wives
  • Expectant parents
  • Wives wanting man-management tips

    1. Nice to refresh “Wisdom according to Jams”. The oral contraceptive part is a rip off. We need some new blogs,not a rehash of our old posts,though.

      Gurgaon has really done you in ,buddy.

    2. Jammy, I didn’t download the file as am not the TG (target-group) I guess. But tell me honestly — what would YOU have preferred as a bachelor — some funny dude’s blog articles? or Santa Banta.com wall papers of your favourite actress in a single download? :-p

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