My flight back to Gurgaon, alone

The Gods have been good to me so far. Today, I made a discovery which I think being a God fearing gentleman, I should share with the rest of the men folk. Tip of the year: While traveling, ask for a first row, aisle seat.

Of course, ladies with not so straight tendencies can also use this tip.

During my flight from Chennai to Delhi, I was allotted seat number ‘1D`. For those of you who don`t know where 1D falls…here, take a look at this graphic below –

*AH= Air Hostess

Now that you know where exactly I was sitting in Air Deccan`s Chennai to Delhi flight number 639, please continue reading.

Thanks to the flirt-friendly seating, I got a chance to observe two air hostesses from close proximity – as close as 3 feet. So much so, when one of the air hostesses was telling me about the emergency exists, and life jackets and all that lovey-dovey stuff…I could smell her perfume. I remember watching a movie in which Dharmendra buys all the tickets in a theatre and views Hema Malini`s performance sitting all alone….for a moment, I thought I had bought all the tickets in the airplane and she was reeling out the instructions for me.

As a mere mortal, you can`t even imagine how lucky I would have felt staring at two pretty girls from that close a distance for 150 minutes. Wondering why I say 150 minutes and not two and half hours…hmm…let me give you a hint – I am 165 cms tall!

Let me describe the two girls for you – Poornima and Kavita, who were in Air Deccan`s flight number 639 from Chennai to Delhi. If you know them, please let them know that my heart beats for them. If you don`t know them, but know some air hostesses…please forward this link to them…so that someday (and that`s before they get old), the link reaches them and they mail me at jv [.] rajan [@] gmail [.] com.

Now, my only concern is…what do I do if both of them propose to me at the same time? To tell you the truth, I love them both.

When the plane was taking off and the girls were belted to their seats and couldn`t move…I didn`t even look at them. I could I have just unbuckled my seat belt and kissed them both! But by not staring at them, I gave them a chance to stare at me.

When Kavita handed me the complimentary Kingfisher Mineral water, I even said “Thank You, Kavita.”

When Poornima handed me a bag of peanuts and said, “Sir, this can be yours for just Rs 10,” I gave her Rs 500 and said: “Why don`t you buy some bangles for those nice, delicate wrists of yours?”

She didn`t reply…but she didn`t return Rs 490 as well. Wonder what kind of bangles she would buy.

Thanks to my seating and the view blocker which allowed for a sneak preview…I could even see the air hostesses change clothes – what if they were just removing their jacket and wearing the apron? A change is a change…not to mention, welcome.

Now, let me reveal a secret…when the girls changed into their apron they left their jackets near the food storage area (just behind the opaque view blocker) and I managed to smuggle my visiting card into their jacket pockets.

Now, the question is…who will get ME first! People, wish the girls luck!

Note: I can`t read his name properly but it says Brinder Singh, First Officer, Air Deccan…and I think he is flirting with my girls. Why isn`t he flying the plane? Is it on auto pilot? I am so angry with him, that if ever I can…I will ask him to pilot an Auto…for that would also be called ‘Auto Pilot`!

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