Mail from an Ouchmytoe reader

Looks like Ouchmyte is nurturing monsters, who if given enough time can turn dangerous. Here is a mail received from one of the readers – Rajesh Nair (original name) and my reply to him.

From: Rajesh Nair
To: Jammy
Date: April 17, 2007

Hi Jammy,

Today I accidentally stumbled upon your blog @ and hurt my toe. I have a feeling you have cameras fitted in my house and share on this blog what you see/hear of me and my wife. Just in case you wonder who I am – well, I am a Mallu caught in the crossfire like you.

Ours was a love marriage and we are now finished with all of it. Know any place where I can buy it cheap? Any sale that you can guide us to?

After reading your blog I have realized that all husbands are irresponsible and I shouldn`t be the only guy getting the stick from my wife. Any tips on how I can convey this to my wife?

I have to mention that I had a hearty laugh after a long time – so much so, my eyes filled with tears as I read some of the articles (nothing to do with the fact that my wife was poking me with a safety pin for wasting time on your blog).

I also have a daughter who is turning one on 30th April. My wife is planning a birthday party and has asked me to apply for an ICICI personal loan tomorrow. That reminds me, I have to take photo copies of my salary slip. Bye now.

Rajesh Nair

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From: Jammy
To: Rajesh Nair
Date: April 18, 2007

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for writing in. Please tell your wife that one doesn`t waste time on Ouchmytoe. Instead, one learns to be spineless…a tact if not helpful at work is definitely so at home.

Only a week back another person mailed me saying he had stumbled upon But he didn`t hurt his toe because he was wearing a Jaipur foot.

Yes, you shouldn`t be the only man getting the stick from your wife. Get her father in the line. To do this you need to spot his weaknesses (like 40 cigarettes a day, and half a bottle of country liquor – which I think should be easy if your wife is also from Kerala) and make regular references to them during your arguments.

Talking of personal loans…try out the HDFC Loans division…it is better. Besides that`s the only bank that supports us husbands. Don`t believe me? HDFC…stands for Husbands Deserve Full Control.

Best Wishes,

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

24 replies on “Mail from an Ouchmytoe reader”

Hi jammy,

Now its been proved that none of your creation came directly from home(its rajesh’s home where the camera is located) or from your mind. And we are lucky to know that the place from where you get the idea. so from now on we would like a a Video Feed(a video blog will also do) with a story line by you.. 🙂


Santosh: Bull on the head man…I get it in a video feed. Just that it is a censored feed…and also is a privileged feed..which means I cant upload it on the post.

Besides…what is the point? The video of a husband and wife fighting is never good…it is kind of gory.

chriz: You cant change being a Tamilian….you cant change the girl you love. As of now…if you don’t want to end up being another Jammy…the easiest thing to do is changing your height!

Your girl friend’s father might be able to help you…I have heard stories of Kerala having such hidden, medicinal secrets

a tribute blog for “INDIA’s Second most funniest blog” , is in the making …

well, ill give u the link sooon..
jammmeeeee! whats the li’ll angel’s name…?

Bobby: ha ha ha…definitely. Wonder if with this this height Chriz will be able to write on the top portion of his blog…I remember a professor from my earlier days who was also 165 and couldn’t reach the top half of the blackboard…

Chriz: Ohhh my God…are you saying Ouchmytoe becomes the first blog in the World to have a tribute blog? How about a Tribute Magazine? If we price it heavily….we could name it…

“Goddammit!” or “Oh My God!”

poor me.. sending this the third time.. will i be lucky..
here comes the tribute blog..
the first entry is an inspiration from ur wife=husband theory..
used the copy-paste software technology to start with

Chriz: Thats a nice tribute man…but my name isn’t mentioned anywhere. My Not a single photo of mine is also there….

Check a few of the Anna Kourinkova tribute websites and you will know what I am talking of

nina: Nah…not that late…we have decided to go with the name Rhea. SOunds so good with “Yeah”! Besides…the three names…Rekha, Rajan and Rhea go really well. WHAT SAY?

hehe! the about me profile section starts with the inspirational tribute…
well.. me ! , very new to the blog world. so bear wimme fer sometime.. a dedication is in the making..
i just imagined u in a short skirt… anna kournikova influence…

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