New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions are nothing but new headaches to be taken care of, in the year that unfolds.

You don`t realize it until you get married. Because, when you are a bachelor, you give yourself a promise and then break it at leisure on the 3rd of January – that is if you can hold them that long. But when you are married, there is a referee / adjudicator / arbiter / arbitrator / assessor / inspector / judge / mediator / negotiator involved at every stage.

Here is a list of New Year resolutions that my wife Rekha has proposed. I am expected to adhere to eight of the given ten. Resolutions number 1 & 2 are compulsory. Sounds like some school exam? Welcome to married life…

1) Will quit Smoking
2) Will quit Flirting
3) Will take up jogging
4) Will stop spending hours before the comp
5) Will switch off the night lamp and Good Night mosquito repellent as soon as I get up.
6) Will fold my bed sheet after I wake up
7) Will wash my own dishes
8) Will not eat onion for dinner
9) Will read the magazines I subscribe for
10) Will remember dates and surprise Rekha often (this sounds easy)

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