Ochmytoe.com comes in a distant second

The Indian Blogosphere has voted Ouchmytoe.com the second most humorous blog in India. I am happy. Would have loved to be the first but then I am not complaining. After all. didn’t somebody once say, “Seconds count!”

For those interested in numbers, Ouchmytoe came in second with 176 votes. The winner had a lot many. Details given below –

Most humorous blog in India

Thanks Indibloggies!


  1. Jammy!
    Not to worry, the third and fourth too are fairly distant from you… so in a way you stand apart 🙂

    And don’t worry — a lot of GreatBong’s audience is NRI while yours is Swadeshe (lol, couldn’t resist that) and that too with a higher concentration south of Vindhyas. Time you came up north :-p

    Also can we interpret from this that in the blogging world fans of Mithun are more than fans of Vijaykanth? 😀

    And also, does this mean I can remove the friendvertorial from my blog now? 😉

  2. Hi dude,
    Congratulations. Not to dampen your happiness, but you’ve spelt your domain name wrong in the headline. Enjoyed your Exposed article. Cool. Keep it up. I mean keep writing. lol

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