Pink – the color of my life

My life has been suddenly inundated with the color pink. Where ever I see, I see pink. Yes you got it right…the color that one gets by mixing red and white in equal proportions. The color a woman would kill for – pink.

No, I haven`t received a pink slip from the organization I work for, but if I continue to bring in more pink into my life as I have been doing for the last six months…the day isn`t far when my colleagues will throw me out calling me queer.

Just in case you didn`t know, no company in the World has ever given a pink colored termination letter to its employees – there is no origin to the term ‘pink slip`. Researchers believe that it could have been an alien term that Bruce Willis and his team picked up when they went up an asteroid to blow it in the movie ‘Armageddon`. But its origin is besides the point…what bothers me is most is…why use such a feminine term ‘pink slip` for such a manly act? Why don`t we use macho terms like ‘the employee was given the axe` or ‘the employee fell for the cut.` Proof of women dominating the HR departments around the World? (Shhh! If you work for ibibo, don`t forward this to our HR head)

While on the subject, let me tell you that pink slips mean termination only for a few of us. For many others a ‘pink slip` is a reason to close their eyes and think of the woman (or women) in their lives in a pink slip. Besides, a termination in Germany happens through a “blue letter” and in the French military it happens through a “yellow paper.”

Like I was saying…there is way too much pink in my life today. Nope…we aren`t talking of Pink Floyd too. I wouldn`t want to be caught dead listening to Pink Floyd…simply because the band`s first name is ‘Pink` and I am as manly as men come. They might have sold 250 million albums worldwide…but that doesn`t count as long as your first name is ‘Pink`.

By saying that my world has become pink, I am not hinting at the phrase “In the pink,” which when literally translated means excellent condition. I am no second hand diesel Ambassador up for sale that can be ‘In the pink`. Just in case you didn`t know, ‘In the pink` came in vogue during the reign of British queen Elizabeth I, whose favourite flowers were “Dianthus”. Since Dianthus flowers were pink in color they were also known as Pinks. Since then anything that was ‘excellent` was attributed the word Pink.

During the reign of British queen Elizabeth I, it wasn`t unusual to hear statements like:

  • “Ohh that`s a pink Dictator!”
  • “Gosh, that`s a totally pink cannon you going to let lose on the enemy.”
  • “Wish I had such a pink set of pink stockings!”
  • “Will you marry me? I will make your world pink!”

    Anyway, that`s a lot of beating about the pink bush. Let me come to the point. Ever since my daughter Rhea has grown up and started having a taste – she is turning two this March 29, and God a woman develops tastes early – my world has turned upside down. All the blacks, browns & greens have been eclipsed by pink. Now, the only thing black in my house is ….hmm…well…how do I say this…hmm…myself. Just when I was getting comfortable being black my World is turning pink.

    It isn`t easy being called a Nigerian in school (because this South Indian ended up studying amongst fair North Indians) and kids walking up to you saying, “hey can you help me collect my 15 million US Dollars from the daughter of a Nigerian Dictator I have come to know online?” (Don’t know what fraud we are talking about here? Click Here to learn more)

    In the last 32 years, I have grown to like black. In fact, from the day I came to know that Snoop Dogg was a black too….I have started loving myself. Now my daughter is turning it upside down….she is going all out for the Pink. See how my drawing room looks …

    More cute pictures of Rhea

    Help me handle it better. I agree I cry while watching movies – for example, in the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam…I cried when Aishwarya Rai decided to stay with Ajay Devgan, in Sholay I cried when Sanjeev Kumar couldn`t lift the rifle from the ground, and in Rock On, I cried when Arjun Rampal runs back from the airport and joins his band on the stage ….but does this mean I love pink?!

    If I don’t sort this out, very soon I might end up with a house full of items like these:

    My favourite color is Red and I love White too. But ask me to mix them…no sir, I won`t. I don`t mix my colors!

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  • By Jamshed V Rajan

    Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

    15 replies on “Pink – the color of my life”

    Ouchy!!! Completely understand the Pink dilemma.. Am not too fond of pink either, for me its Blue!!! 🙂

    But yes, little girls do look cute in pink.. hey, u shd get a pink ipod and a matching idog!! hahaha… [running away!!]

    I completely adored your drawing room. Its looking just perfect Jammy & you are simply scared cause I think you have lost your dictatorship to your (almost nearing age 2…)daughter Rhea :). Way to go Rhea!

    my sister has twins – a boy n a girl – both only 4 years but even in such a tender age, naturally only both kids opting for blue and pink respectively,, i think there is some logic behind this n i hope u try to discover it jammy .. haha

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