My wife has started complaining. Again.

It was early 2005 and each day I was discovering something new about my newly wedded wife. We had married each other on 8 September, 2004…or was it 10 September, 2004? Now that I have posted this, I will soon find out from the horse`s mouth.

Wife handling can be difficult
A few days before I got married in Anna Poorneshwari temple in Cherrukunnu, Kannur under the watchful eyes of my father in law…many came up to me with their advices. (Read about the marriage here) Here are some of the advices I got.

Advice 1: Being a Tamilian, how can you marry a Malayali? Don`t you know of the famous Tamil proverb…. “kolay ali yeh nambu nalum malayali yeh nambakudadu”…which when translated to English means, “One can trust a murderer but never trust a Malayali.”

Advice 2: Don`t get married. I know a few places we can visit. Thankfully when I expressed my displeasure by questioning what kind of places he meant, the colleague ended up saying: “Pubs, Beaches, Malls…etc”

Advice 3: If it is such a big issue, why don`t you get a washing machine? Or a maid?

Advice 4: Why shouldn`t you age gracefully?

Advice 5: Don`t get married. It is all rosy till you keep meeting for only 2-3 hours a day. Once you get married you will start discovering things about Rekha you didn`t know. Things she has successfully hidden from you all this while. Get a good pet instead.

Advisor 5 was very right. I started discovering new things about Rekha. Things she had managed to successfully hide from me. In fact, on the day of our marriage I came to know that she loved vegetables more than she loved me. Even as I walked into the honeymoon suite, she blurted out: “Rajan, will you show me the nearest vegetable vendor here.” I was a bit disappointed but didn`t say much. The next day I wrote a blog post: How I bought vegetables for a heavy price.

A few nights sleeping with my wife (that`s legal I hope!) I realized that there is no space called MY PRIVATE SPACE in marriage. Rekha is the ‘Rolling Stone` type of sleeper. As in, she rolls on the bed and pushes the other occupants down. The double bed that was all my own suddenly wasn`t mine. To tell you the truth, on our first night itself I was pushed down from the bed and it was embarrassing to walk out of the bedroom next day with an injured forehead and blue eye. Especially because 19 relatives of ours were staring at the door, when I opened it and walked out sheepishly. That`s when I wrote a post titled: I hate to sleep with my wife.

After a few more days, I came to know that my new wife doesn`t know to cook and thus doesn`t like visiting the kitchen. This became another blog post titled Kitchen…. place to rule.

With time I realized that unlike me Rekha liked to be outside of home, so my transportation costs were bound to go up. Since she loved to travel, many a times she wouldn`t be home and when she wasn`t home I was to ensure her wish list got implemented (Read about her wish list here). We had never discussed this before marriage.

If you are married, you have probably realized that women can be dangerous when they want to be. Rekha gets dangerous and exploitative during dinner time…and that`s when her most outlandish requests like “Shall we drive down to Jaipur?” “Shall we buy a dressing table tomorrow?” “Shall we go to watch Hero No. 1?” surface. Around this time I tried to warn other men by writing a post titled: Watch out for dinner time.

A month after marriage I noticed that my towels weren`t to be found where I left them. When I raised the issue with Rekha, it backfired and I was accused of being next to Satan – cleanliness being next only to God. From my washroom habits, to eating habits to wardrobe management…everything underwent a dramatic change. That`s when an exasperated me wrote a blog post titled: Cleanliness, my foot!

Let me warn you, some of the things you will discover in your wife will be apparent. But some, you will have to figure out. Like how I used all my Sherlock Holmes genes to find out that my wife was spying on me. In the first six months she would call me four times daily to check what I was doing. Like the gullible males that we all are, I thought it was her love for me till the time I found out she was keeping a tab on her handsome husband. As if girls were registering online & then lining up for a kiss from me. That`s when I wrote Check-mate over the phone.

Over the next two years this blog saw many posts on her – some good and some bad…but all posted under Category Wife & Category My Family & In-Laws.

In the last two years, Rekha related posts have dried down. Perhaps because a new focus area has entered my life – my daughter Rhea. Or perhaps, I have discovered everything I have had to discover about Rekha….and now our personalities fit each other like a jigsaw-puzzle.

So why are we talking about this now? Because only one hour back my wife complained that I had stopped writing about her on Ouchmytoe. What do I do now? Do I start writing about Rekha all over again? Need your advice. This time, I promise I will stick to the advice I get.

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

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You are smart as whole (don’t read it without space) and splitting in parts 😉

Blaming your wife, and having nothing new to write, you made a post to drive traffic to your old wine in a new blogtle.

Satyamurthy says ‘old wine in new blogtle’ ! ah ! But you sure are smart ! And i quite enjoyed the post.

Those advices didnt come my way. Perhaps because my missus wasnt malayali. But all of that holds good. Very good infact.

Sometimes, the autofocus mode isnt as good. Time for some manual labour…! I mean manual mode focusing on life…to get the right images in the frame !

Good luck !

haha.. you made us read the links… good trick.. nice one…

always an inspiration …

yes posts on rekha really made everyone realise that you are indeed a responsible hubby…

posts on flirting outside the marriage sure gives the kick..

and i lurve those kingfisher airhostesses… man i tried coming up with a post on air hostess too.. but you have covered all the aspects related to an airhostess.. i couldnt think of any….

For chrissakes, keeps writing. Who are we to stop if she has insisted and has asked you to unearth such gems about your life 😉

I have always maintained you write best when you write about Rekha (that was before Rhea came in)… i love your posts about Rhea too… 🙂

Hey Rajan,
Im one of ur Old NCC buddy. Never realised u had such a talent until few minutes ago.
Amazing man, that u can write so well and that too abt ur wife( inspite of u knowing she reads it)
Had LOL …..
Keep going . One more regulars to ur blog now…
Bala ( BTS)

Hilarious as usual..

Wonder how rekha handles u at home :p
Everyday i make it a point to read atleast one of ur posts. Now thats what makes my day better…


Wisdom – to understand a man

Love – to forgive him

Patience – for his moods

Because, if i pray for strength, I will just beat him to death..

and i am waiting for Rekha to start her blogs also… she is very talented and i wish she takes out some time for us also.. 🙂

We grumble over our relations with spouse; but did u notice jammy that max votes have gone to – rather live with wife/hus – till now

Needless to mention, it was funny as usual.
But boy, you sure seem to get away playing with fire. So go right ahead my man, write on Rekha and your marital life. We are all with you (till something happens)!


You are hilarious. and his is just your first post that I’ve read.
Thanks for the iLyrics plugin. I’ve been searching for one for so long and finally Google managed to bring it up from nowhere to the number one search result (guess Google also messes up at times(hope nobody shoots me for that)). Thanks again buddy.
And for the great smiles & laughter.


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