Saga of the Little Finger

What Mel Brooks once said is so true. A few decades back he had said that slightest of an issue with us is a tragedy and the biggest of issues with others is comedy (read exact quote below).

I remember going to a funeral of a diabetic patient and chuckling, thinking the possible newspaper headlines the next day: “So-and-so died a sweet death”, “So-and-so killed by sweet poison”. If the person had been run over by a car, I remember the headline being, “Car that runs on Diesel, sometimes runs on so-and-so”.

I also saw comedy when I was sitting in the hospital watching thro` an open door….a TB afflicted husband in bed and his wife asking the doctor, “When can we take him home?” I heard the question as “How contagious is his TB – will we be safe if we take him home now?”

Mind you, I have been cursed with the same ability to see humor when my own are in trouble. My father was diagnosed with cancer in mid-2005 and while attending to him also I saw the same humor in hospital. Here are some of the articles that were written while waiting for the first rays of the sun to hit through the hospital`s dull-gray window: Nurses…, Two things that are never bought at the same time, My visit to the hospital, and Diseases – the evolution.

*My dad is no more. And I miss him – especially in my victories and defeats. Victories have been more after his departure…perhaps because he is closer to me now than ever.

Unfortunately, yesterday God decided to make me the center of the tragedy. It is funny no more. I am not seeing any humor.

Being the wicket-keeper of ibibo`s cricket team of 15 odd hard-boiled cricketers is tough. Even tougher is ensuring all the balls missed by the batsmen are caught behind the stumps on a cold winter morning. On one such attempt, I sprained the little finger of my right hand, which is now the size of a beer bottle. Only…it doesn`t give me the kick.

The last 24 hours have been miserable. We had a few guests visiting us yesterday …which included two five year olds….and I couldn`t pull off the ‘Pull My Finger` joke on them. In case you don`t know what ‘Pull My Finger` joke is all about…well…you ask a kid not more than 6-7 years old to pull your finger and the moment he/she pulls it you let out a fart. You should watch the kid laugh, to believe the joke`s effectiveness.

I did try to gather courage and pull off the joke on one of the five year olds…but the moment she pulled my little finger…I only let out a shriek.

Even as I type, I am having difficulty breathing. Thanks to my swollen little finger, I haven`t been able to pick my nose for the last 24 hours….and you are aware…when the garbage man doesn`t come the bin is always full.

God…is this your way of showing me the middle finger?

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

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hahaha.. when the garbage man doesnt come the bin is always full.. rip roaring stuff… i guess i farted while laughing…

and the strength of yours jammy is that in such a hilarious post, you could still come up with these beautiful sentimental lines
“My dad is no more. And I miss him – especially in my victories and defeats. Victories have been more after his departure…perhaps because he is closer to me now than ever.”

hit my heart straight

you are the best

God has his mysterious ways of operations. And the enlightened ones, am told see God in action. At alll times. Both when he performs miracles or shows the middle finger !!

hmm !!

So, enlightenment came to you via a wicket keepers gloves on cold North Indian morning !!!

Thats something !


Jamshed, had been following your blog since rediffblogs. Great work.

Knew about your dad as you had mentioned previously. But never knew about the Cancer link. The ‘place’ one works, we try our best with such cases without surgical procedures since you may know, chemo kills faster than C itself. Can you please share some details if it is not too personal for you? Apologies for bringing back such emories.


Just started reading your blogs. You really make my day. As i said i just started reading, Im still catching up on the older posts.I read about you in Ergo,thats when i started reading your blogs.

You rock….

Jammy….U r ULTIMATE!!!
I’ve been reading all your posts & this one was tooo good.
Man, what sense of humour u’ve got! God-given gift, eh?!

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