Encounters of the third kind

Three days back I met a girl in Gurgaon. Needless to say, she was pretty.

I was smitten by her the moment I saw her – probably because I had spent six years in Chennai and was longing for somebody fair. If you are a Chennai woman you will have to excuse me…I am only echoing what fair, tall North Indian males think of south Indian women. I wish they get to meet all the fair Iyer and Iyengar girls we have in Chennai.

This lady was clad in a pink shirt and a black trouser. Sharp to look at and quick in her walk – what more does a married man need in a woman to fall in love with?

Even as I was staring at her, she looked at me and smiled. I looked behind – it always happens with me – and there was nobody!

Was she smiling at me? Oh my God! Gurgaon was the only city in India where I didn`t have a love interest and will she be able to fill in the blanks, I wondered.

“Excuse me, do they have an ATM here?” She asked.

My world came crashing down (and like Bush I couldn`t blame the Al Qaeda). So this girl wasn`t coming to propose to me. Gurgaon…is definitely strange.

I don`t know if you have noticed, but girls here have a way of getting their work done – they smile. The more dangerous of them use the word “Bhaiya” before asking for a favor from a man…that`s only if the guy isn`t handsome.

Thankfully when this girl asked me for the ATM, she didn`t use the word “Bhaiya”. Proof that I was handsome?

Even as I was nodding my head she jerked her head back, looked at me again and asked: “Hey! Are you Jammy?”

“Yeah, I am. Why?”

“Are you Jamshed…some Velayuda Rajan?” She was brushing aside my middle name but that was fine by me.

“Yes, I am.”

“The guy that blogs at www.ouchmytoe.com?” She sounded excited…and before I could say yes, she gave me a hug.

“Oh my God…I have been waiting to meet you for such a long time…and I never knew I would meet you like this…in front of a mall!” She definitely was excited and before I knew she was pulling me into a restaurant.

I did try to tell her that I was waiting for a guy friend of mine…but before the words escaped my lips…I had messaged my friend that I was caught up in office and couldn`t make it.

There are times in life when one has to take tough decisions…so it was between Pizza and Chinese. Since Pizza was easier to eat and didn`t require chop sticks…I told her that I loved Pizzas.

The next two hours were spent at the Pizza Hut and we even played a bit of footsie. I with the waiter and she with the handsome man across the table – she sure had long legs!

We struck a rapport which was hard to ignore – when she forked a bite of Pizza, I would end up opening my mouth.

We finished the pizza in an hour (how long does it take to eat a regular sized Pizza when you are dropping every second slice into your laptop bag? I was trying to save some breakfast money).

She wouldn`t let me go…when we ran out of topics…she invented more. And then, there was the usual: “Aur kaho?” (Which roughly translated to English means, ‘So, what else?`)

Soon enough it was time for me to ask, “Where next?” and she asked me to stay on for another 15 minutes.

Being a man who falls in love like a bowling pin falls in the valley…I readily agreed.

“Are you waiting for somebody?,” I asked.

“Yes, Vijay said he would be here any moment…I can`t see him though.” There was anticipation in her eyes.

“Who Vijay?” Who ever said men couldn`t be jealous was defiantly wrong.

She didn`t respond…she was looking at the car park. I stood still…wondering if I should have gone with my friend instead. Two minutes later a tall, handsome man walked in and shook hands with her. She then turned towards me and said: “Meet Vijay – our parents have met and agreed on our marriage and now we have to decide if we like each other or not.”

The pretty girl could have pierced a knife thro` my stomach – and pulled out all the Pizza.

I couldn`t see my girl walk away with another man…so called for my cab. As I was walking away…I wiped a tear.

Lesson Learnt: If you have had the spicy Mexican Fireball …don`t take your fingers near your eyes.

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