Vinod Ganesh – as promised, mostly thoughtless

Vinod Ganesh is an interesting read, even when he is writing on a subject as below the ankle as football.

When asked to describe himself he said: “Well, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah… And oh, I forgot, blah blah blah.” Now, you know the kind of guy we are talking about.

He is based out of Chennai (and I am surprised we haven`t met yet) and looks to me like a software engineer. We are yet to lay our hands on his urine sample, to confirm our suspicion but don`t let that worry you because Ouchmytoe sleuths are following him 24/7 in the hope that one day or the other he WILL relieve himself on the road.

He has a solid fan following – it doesn`t take a Jammy`s brain to guess that because on an average he gets around 50 comments for every post.

Here is a sample sentence from this 26-year-old blogger:

Bangkok, though it sounds like someone with very limited command over the English language crudely telling you to engage in sexual intercourse, is an actual city situated in Thailand.

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