Rekha not feeling well. I am also in the same well.

My wife is not feeling well. Some evil eye she thinks – wonder what it could be. What was it with Rekha, that somebody found reason enough to be jealous? Beats me.

Wonder if I was the reason for jealousy. And if that is the case, I think the person who cast the evil eye has to be lady.

And if she is a lady, do I know her? Yes, I got to because both our lives are over-lapped (now you know why I crib so much). And the only lady both of us know is our maid servant!

Could she be jealous of Rekha because she has me? Maybe. Just maybe. Does this make me a smart/handsome guy? Or has the maid servant seen me wash the dishes, iron Rekha’s clothes, and make chappaties? Beats me!

Rekha is not feeling well…and didnot feel like writing about her.

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