Introducing a new social bookmarking site

What is Bruce Lee`s favorite non vegetarian dish?

Machlee (fish, in Hindi)

And what is Bruce Lee`s favorite breakfast?


What does Bruce Lee like to have for lunch?

Thalee (Hindi for a 30-item meal in a stainless silver plate)

Who is Bruce Lee`s favourite cricketer?

Kambli (Vinod Kambli, that is) Brett Lee

What is Bruce Lee`s favourite social bookmarking site?


Yes, that`s what these questions were all about.

FunnyLee is a new site trying its mark in an area – social bookmarking – already crowded by people like www.digg.com, www.indianpad.com, www.reddit.com, www.del.icio.us (and did you know that www.de.lirio.us also existed?). There are at least 50-100 other such sites which are doing brisk business.

For those who still didn`t get it….www.funnylee.com has carved a niche for itself and is projecting itself as the only social bookmarking site for people like you and me – people who love humor!

Now for the last question…why does www.funnylee.com cater to only those that love humor?

Answer: Simply

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