Is my daughter a super hero?

When my daughter Rhea was born on March 29, 2007…one of my nephews was waiting in the corridor with me. He wasn`t moving up and down the corridor as I was…but was staring at the sky looking for the stork to bring in the baby.

As soon as the nurse brought Rhea wrapped in a clean, white cloth, my nephew asked: “I didn`t see any stork coming…how did the baby come?”

My mother in law who I am told was brought up on a high dosage of super heroes said: “She came from another planet…some place called Krypton. You know Superman also came from there.”

Superhero Spider Girl

My daughter might end up wearing these clothes!

Back then, I thought my mother in law was only trying to answer a curious 9-year-old. But considering the developments in the last few months, I have a feeling that my daughter probably is a superhero.

Our suspicion was triggered when we realized she enjoyed spending time in the balcony – isn`t that the favourite spot of all our super heroes? Have you ever seen a super hero use the door to leave or enter the house? They always use the balcony!

As if that wasn`t enough, she has got amazing eyesight. She is capable of spotting even the smallest of dirt – something that average people like you and me wouldn`t even spot on the floor. I have a feeling, she is honing this skill of hers…because everyday we are forced to remove at least 5-6 small items that she puts in her mouth.

Rhea can also crawl into any space – even the six inch space between our treadmill and the wall – and come out unscathed. When I tried to do the same, I got stuck and we had to call the fire fighters.

Now that she is learning to stand by herself, she spends a lot of time standing against walls…trying to feel the surface. She probably wants to scale them….and is feeling the texture of the wall. She is also seen licking the surface…guess that`s how the superheroes decide on which trick to use to scale a wall.

When we try and play with her, she keeps waving her hands up and down…and then looks at her palm…as if something that was to come out of her palms…wasn`t coming. A web, perhaps. When she isn`t looking at her palms, she enjoys making strands of her saliva and playing with them.

After seeing all these activities, we have confirmed that she is indeed a superhero in the making….and now are debating which superhero she would grow up to be. We couldn`t arrive at a decision till late last night….and that`s when we spotted a spider biting her on her exposed thighs.

Now, it is confirmed…she is going to be Spiderwoman!

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

14 replies on “Is my daughter a super hero?”

why not superwoman? she can do everytin and more than spiderwoman. plus you also shud worry abt who would marry a spiderwoman after she is 21 years old

Hope there are no mosquitoes in Gurgaon.All the best to Rhea. She will definitely be a super fabulous person when she grows,(in spite of you Jams!).

Your Daughter a Super Hero???Actually Most Babies are super heroes.They can survive falls and a lot of stuff like that.Hope you don’t try any of her stunts. You never know when the fire fighters are having a weekly off!!!!

Great power brings great responsibilities… after all, she has to save the day from Jammy and his humor 🙂

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