Character certificates from Facebook are soon going to be reality

Two days back my wife called me when I was in office. I said, “Rekha, I am in a meeting. Can I call you back?” “Sure.” And after ten minutes she called me again. I cut the call and messaged her that I couldn’t talk since I was still in the meeting. She just replied an […]

Ashley Madison is the bitch nobody ever had

[mnky_ads id=”5202″] “Did you have an account at Ashley Madison?” My wife thundered. “Yes….and no,” was my meek reply. “Yes? Or No? Can you be a little specific?” “Rekha, it doesn’t matter. You know that I love you.” “That you better do. But, after I found your name on the Ashley Madison customer’s list, I […]

Weird ideas for software engineers who develop smartphone apps

There was a time when an application meant a form you filled and submitted in a bank, post office or any other office just few hours before the deadline. Not anymore….now applications mean something else. We are talking of Smartphone apps. Here are a few wierd ideas for smartphone applications.