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Funny tweets on World Environment Day you must not miss

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Donald Trump was reckless and dangerous when he decided to pull USA out of the Paris Climate deal. The fact that USA pollutes the most compounds the issue further. After Trump’s coitus interruptus (a birth control measure, not a climate control measure) USA got clubbed alongside war-torn Syria and Nicaragua as being the only three countries not to be part of the Paris climate deal. Both Syria and Nicaragua have their reasons for not being part of the climate deal while USA has Donald Trump. Here are some funny tweets on World Environment Day you must not miss.

It is World Environment day and the President who should have been contributing the most is playing. With his mother.

If you think Trump treating Earth as his play toy is bad, check out how else he treats it.

Or this one where one man’s ignorance and arrogance may take the whole world down.

The good thing is, the World is not taking it lying down. European leaders are stepping in and taking the lead. Voices of “let us make the planet great again” are being heard from everywhere.

Some folks are also getting personal. Poor Trump ends up dragging his wives also into the play.

Talking of the USA first lady, I think she can get USA in the Paris climate pact. All she has to do is put Donald Trump on a sexual diet like how the women of Bergama, Turkey had done when a Gold mining company came to town. Read more about the Resistance of Bergama.

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While we leave Melania Trump to figure out ways to bring Donald Trump around, let us get to Obama, ex-President of USA. This World Environment day, folks haven’t been kind to him either.

Why Obama, in fact, all the politicians are to be blamed for the pits we are in.

Why can’t all countries be like Sweden? Did you know that Sweden recycles so well that it has run out of garbage for its energy programs and now imports garbage from Norway.

Even trees recognize their own children (their baby trees) and send them more carbon below ground. They even reduce their own roots to make room for their kids’ roots. When trees can take care of their kids, why aren’t we concerned about ours?

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Funny reaction to Trump’s word covfefe is incovfeferable

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In the last 24 hours, the word “Covfefe” has taken the World by storm. President of the United States Donald Trump gifted this word to the world in his late-night tweet “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” and went to sleep. People started making jokes, funny memes and guessing what it could have meant. We feel this funny reaction to Trump’s word covfefe is incovfeferable.

When he got up in the morning, “covfefe” had already flown the nest. After seeing the commotion he had created, Donald Trump deleted the tweet and replaced it with “Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe??? Enjoy!”

While the rest of the World is joking around the world Covfefe, the Donald Trump fans are still saying ‘Hey, he didn’t say it!”

Human Being: “No sir, I saw his tweet. He did use the word covfefe!”

Trump Fan: If he used the word…I am sure he didn’t mean it.

Human Being: If he has tweeted it he must have meant it.

Trump Fan: Do you know the meaning of covfefe?

Human Being: I have no idea what covfefe means.

Trump Fan: And yet are making such a big issue out of the word covfefe?

Human Being: I know covfefe was a Presidential typo.

Trump Fan: Others have tweeted worse typos, you know?

When you are the President of USA, the world doesn’t even allow you a typo – we hate this incovfeferable attitude of the world. In fact, even Hillary Clinton had a jibe at Donald Trump. She said, “I thought it was a hidden message to the Russians.”

Thanks to all the scare Donald Trump got when he got up, we will never know how covfefe is pronounced. What will it be – Kuv-feef or Kov-fay-fay or Kov-fi-fi?

Funny reactions to Trump’s word Covfefe are incovfeferable

Some took a dig at his love for Russian Premier Putin and said it was Trump’s way of resigning with flair and that Covfefe meant ‘I resign’ in Russian.

Usually, it is Jimmy Kimmel who wipes the smile off Donald Trump’s face but this time Mr Trump seems have stolen a march over his late-night show rival. Kimmel feels he will never be able to come up anything funnier than covfefe.

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If you love the sitcom ‘Friends’, you will love this funny take below. Just that to use television series ‘Friends’ to make fun of someone who has no friends…that’s just incovfeferable.

Adolf Hilter may have written a book, and Trump just a word but this is enough to draw comparisons between the two. ‘Mein covfefe’ does sound like a nice covfefe table book. Oops…coffee table book.

Some say Donald Trump was just promoting wife Melania Trump’s latest perfume called covfefe. Either that or Trump’s English stinks.

Now that we all know how popular covefefe is, let us find out how to make it so that the happiness and smiles can spread far and wide.

Current Affairs

President Trump squashed my dream forever and is now celebrating 100 days

30 April, 2017 marks hundred days of Donald Trump as President of USA. Personally, I am a tad upset that United States has to see this day. But then who am I to complain? Even President Donald Trump himself isn’t happy that he is the President of USA. A few days back in an interview to Reuters he said he didn’t expect Presidency to be so hard. This is what he said:

I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.
– US President Donald Trump

So, is Donald Trump going back to being just rich? We don’t know. But his elevation to the helm of USA has been a huge personal blow. So much so that USA is no longer my dream country. It is no longer a country I so desperately want to go to.


Why USA had become my dream country overnight


My parents have always been proud of my acting skills. Whenever our relatives came home my parents would ask me to enact scenes from popular Bollywood movies. And in between Gabbar Singh’s “woh kitne aadmi they?” and enactment of Amitabh Bachchan’s death in the climax scene from the same movie ‘Sholay’ I would be asked, “So, what is your dream?”

My mother had always wanted me to be a doctor and my father wanted me to join the Indian Army. Being the sentimental fool that I was, I wanted to make both of them happy by joining the Indian Army as a doctor. So, my answer to this question was always, “I want to study in Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and become a doctor in the Indian Army.”

One fine day, my answer to the above question changed forever.

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My eighth standard classmate Ikroop Singh had just watched the first episode of ‘Baywatch’ and during lunch break just wouldn’t stop talking about it.

“Does the camera really zoom in on the woman’s chest?” I asked in disbelief.

“Boobs. Not chest,” Ikroop smiled.

“Yes, boobs,” I sheepishly agreed.

“And the women run in slow motion too!” Ikroop chipped in again.

“Wow! I so want to watch ‘Baywatch’ now.” I meant every word.

That’s when Ikroop Singh said something which changed my dream for ever, and has had a far-reaching effect on my life ever since.

“Baywatch is set in United States. In USA, you can watch boobs whenever you want,” he said with a grin.

“Really? I want to live in USA!” I exclaimed.

“It is possible, you know? Just get your green card. Simple.” He said and walked away.

Since that day, if anybody asked for my dream, I would swell up my chest, raise my chin high, spread my arms and rest them on my hips and proudly announce to the world, “I want to own a green card.”

Nobody asked me why I wanted to be a green card holder, but I did get a lot of claps and shouts of ‘Bravo!’

Many years later, I would come to know that green card is never green but that’s beside the point.

It has been 30+ years since this incident and I have seen my share of boobs (if I double count them it is even more!) but I no longer want to be a green card holder.

My love for the United States didn’t waver when in 2011 American Financial Services company Standard & Poor’s downgraded United States top-tier credit rating from AAA to AA-Plus. I agree that the rating does sound like battery size and the name of the rater is prone to manipulation as ‘Poor Standards’ or ‘Standard’s Poor’ but this didn’t affect my love for the country.

I didn’t lose hope when I came to know that the USA owed China more than a trillion dollars in loan. They will pay back, I thought and moved on.

I kept my faith even when they went from one war to another – Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Star Trek wars. In fact, I didn’t even mind when Americans were pompous enough to live telecast one of their wars on Television in six parts – remember, the war led by General James T Kirk?

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When USA disappointed itself


My USA aspirations were first dented 100 days ago when Donald Trump became the President of USA.

Sometime back ex-President of United States Bill Clinton, who left the White House with a bit of a stain on his character and a bigger stain on an intern’s skirt had said: “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” By the time President Donald Trump finishes his term Clinton would have changed it to “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is left with America.”

On April 30, 2017 Donald Trump marks 100 days as President of USA, and let me assure you it hasn’t been pretty watching him from outside of USA. But the folks in United States don’t seem to have any issue with him – they seem to be fine as-long-as Donald Trump supplies joke material for late-night comedy shows on television.

Maybe that is why the political commentators in USA don’t want Trump to go, because then they must work harder for their jokes.

In fact, I won’t be surprised if on his 100th day as the President of USA Donald Trump gets onto the podium, thumps his fist on the podium and claims that his first 100 days as the President of USA had more days than Barack Obama’s first 100 days as President.

So, here’s to Donald Trump’s 100 days – which are more ‘bigly’ than any American President’s first 100 days ever!

Dear Americans, today my prayers are with you. God bless America!