This, that and a Vishu trip

Ajay Shroff (a friend of mine) and Nanette (a friend of his) have thrown into the cauldron called Internet two ticking time-bombs. You don`t want to be the one that didn`t enjoy the blast…so rush for it now:

I am surprised these domain names were available for Ajay. It is quite an interesting concept…go give it a shot. For all you know, this could be your ticket to publishing your own book or taking your own movie 😉

Meanwhile, both Rekha and I are traveling together to Kerala for the Vishu celebration. Scope for interesting stories? Definitely. There is a remote chance that I might be able to update Ouchmytoe from there. To waste your time now…you could read stories from our previous Vishu trip.
My Vishu Visit to Kerala: The pre-interval story
My Vishu visit to Kerala – post interval story
On why I can’t celebrate holi the way I want!

By Jamshed V Rajan

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