Tipping the Scales

It is very true that the rich are less generous than the poor. The best example lies in the tip that we leave for the waiter, once the meal is over. A good tip will be/should be 15% of the cost of the bill. I know that is on the higher side, but that is the way it works.
I do not leave a great tip…about Rs 10 for every hundred…at the max…which means I should have dinned with a girl, who agreed to come home….. It is a no-brainer, that this does not happen with me…hence I always end up paying much less.

No wonder, I keep getting hints from the waiters wherever I go. Esp if I am going to a restaurant for the second time. They seem to say, “Ok, last time was not a great harvest, how about tipping me appropriately this time.”

Here is one such incident….a little exaggerrated.


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