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The second Saturday of June is celebrated the world over as World Gin Day. Why Saturday? So that one has Sunday to recover from the hangover. World Gin Day is all about gin lovers coming together and celebrating with a lot of gin and tonic. If you don’t understand all this getting together to get drunk, just treat it as your excuse to get drunk today. Check out the best and funniest quotes on gin and tonic below.

Funny Gin Quote: Gin is Liquid Sanity
Source: Etsy.com
Funny Gin Quote: Let the Evening Begin
Source: Notonthehighstreet.com
Fun Gin Quote: Don't cry over spilt milk
Source: Etsy.com
Funny Gin Quote: I heard Gin
Source: Notonthehighstreet.com

Funny Gin Quote: Cup of tea moved to gin

Funny Gin Quote: When life hands you lemons
Source: Houseandgarden.co.uk
Funny Gin Quote: To Gin or not to gin
Source: Instagram

More on World Gin day

Funny Gin Quote: Favourite Gin Next One
Source: Pinterest
Funny Gin Quote: Forgive me father for I have ginned
Source: Etsy

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Funny Gin Quote: Time and place for gin
Source: Brockmansblog
Funny Gin Quote: Is it gin o' clock yet
Source: Detallesconarteblog.wordpress.com
Funny Gin Quote: Good friends offer gin
Source: Pinterest
Funny Gin and Tonic Joke: Me talking to the gin
Source: Pinterest
Funny Gin and Tonic Joke: Job for a gin
Source: Brockmansblog

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