Yahoo! What am I hearing?

A few days back a friend of mine joked that if Google carries on at the speed it is now, Yahoo! will soon have to replace the exclamation mark with a question mark…like this – Yahoo?

I wasn`t so sure then…but after I read these three articles I wonder if my friend has a contact, deep inside the bowels of Yahoo.
Yahoo May Consider Letting Google Handle Paid Search
Yahoo, going through a rough patch, is leaving all possibilities on the table. Including, it seems, a deal with its arch-enemy. Reports are that Yahoo isn`t ruling out the possibility of offloading its paid search business (is that what they call Search Marketing?) to Google. Courtesy: Mashable.com

Would Yahoo Hand Over Its Paid Search Business To Google?
The company jettissoned CEO Terry Semel in favor of founder Jerry Yang, who’s now apparently considering all possible options. According to Kara Swisher, that includes giving up in paid search and partnering with Google again, though, this time for paid search and not just pure search. Courtesy: TechDirt.com

Yahoo Rumor Patrol: MySpace, Nope! Google? Maybe So.
No sacred cows, indeed. According to rumors circulating around the company, Yang and other executives at Yahoo are even considering something as massive as offloading some of its search monetization business to rival Google. I have suggested this option here in this column many times. Such a move, even if done in part, could instantly add a whole a lot of dollars to its bottom line, drastically cut tech costs and remove the focus on its constantly losing fight with Google as a tech leader. Courtesy: Allthingsd.com

Wonder how my good friends in Yahoo! India are reacting.

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