Thirty year olds

This post is in a form of a mail and is dedicated (and addressed) to a regular reader called ‘Wrongone`, who turned thirty on 6th Jan, 2006 but was disappointed when he had nothing to read on this Blog on his big day. Here is a comment he left on this blog… Complaint: I turned […]

Why Microsoft?

[OK…this one is stupid…but does make sense!] Ever wondered why Bill Gates named his corporation Microsoft? It goes against the naming convention. What kind of entrepreneur wants his firm to be associated with words like ‘Micro’ or ‘soft’? Should not he have chosen words like ‘Macro’ and ‘Hard’. If he had, the biggest Technology Company […]

What happens when the World gets quirkier?

Simple. You get to read Quirky News. Postmen taught dog psychology German postmen are being dog-trained. Not the throw-the-bone-and-ask-to-go-fetch kind…but the kind which will help them reduce the number of dog bites while on duty. After being taught how dogs think, postmen (and postwomen) have reported lesser dog bites. In India, it is not a […]