Surprise! Ouchmytoe nominated for Indibloggies!

Those who thought garbage recycling was never going to be recognized have been silenced. Ouchmytoe has been nominated for India`s top Blog awards – Indibloggies!

Ouchmytoe has been nominated in the Humor blog category – quite an achievement considering humor is exactly what Ouchmytoe is aimed at. For the doubting Thomases, here is the page with all nominees listed.

Some other important links from this Blog Awards are: Categories | Jury | Sponsors

To vote for Ouchmytoe, you need to click here – and give your Name, e-mail ID & Blog if any. Once you submit, your inbox will have a link to cast your vote.

Your votes could make all the difference between Ouchmytoe being a blog forever…or it turning into a fully illustrated, excellently written, hard-bound best seller. What are you waiting for?


  1. Kangaarooolayshuns my mon!!!! voting’s done!! you better win and treat us all to beer and chicken, other wise it’s gonna be ouchmya$$ rather than ouchmytoe!! 😀

    all ze best!!!

  2. santosh: thanks man….hope you didnt vote for all the nominees…like that intelligent grandma…who after accepting money from all parties, placed a mark against all party symbols

  3. Jammy

    Congrats!! Atleast for me it is not a surprise!. It would have been surprise, if Ouchmytoe has not been nominated in the Humor blog category.

    All the best for winning it. Just for my part have voted for you.I always enjoy reading your blog, as much as you enjoyed writing it!!


  4. Santosh: Mate if you have used illegal means of voting please dont mention it here…I could be arrested for being the platform for illegal activities.

    That reminds me… rules in online and real world don’t match. When they arrest a con-man operating in a railway station…they leave the platform behind.

  5. Uma: Are you still not able to vote? If yes….just drop me a mail at jv [dot] rajan [@] gmail.com. will respond on how to vote.

  6. Vimal: What you said means a lot to me man…I mean…imagine the money I will make as a best selling author* if I win this competition?

    *Well thats if any publisher approaches me

  7. Hey don worry i am doing nothing wrong ( Except voting for each nominees)

    ur quote reminds me if the con man is part of railway station than the public burns the plateform!!

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