Wife forces her husband to start jogging and then stops him forever

[mnky_ads id=”5202″] If you are a married man, you know what trouble it is to live with a lady who has an opinion of her own. In my case you can double that trouble – and you will know what it is like living with my daughter and my wife. Of course, my daughter’s opinions […]

Happy Valentine’s Day poem for my wife of ten years

[mnky_ads id=”5202″] This poem has been written for Rekha, my wife of 10 years. All those girlfriends who read this poem and fall in love with me again thinking it was written for them…I am really sorry. I wish this Happy Valentine’s Day poem was for you. My Valentine this year is my wife. So […]

My wife forces me to lie, when I am lying down

Marriage is a great institution. I mean, really. I have huge respect for it. While I got to agree that the driving institute where I learnt my driving does give a tight fight…the institution of marriage comes a definite first. I will do anything to keep my, my wife’s and people’s faith in this institution […]