Gimme Red!

It was Christmas Eve, and I was looking for some wine. I needed (more than wanted) to gift a bottle of alcoholic wine to one of my friend. Of late, I have got a liking for wine, for various reasons. One, it forms a nice costly gift, and two…after gifting it, I can casually remark […]

Trip or tripped?

If only I had held my head firm on my shoulders, I would not have been a part of this fiasco. But now, like a tree laden with mangoes during the summer, my chin is touching my chest in shame, for I was party to this beach-side party at Hotel Shelters, some 16 kilometers before […]

Who am I?

Today, I am a journalist. Atleast thats is what I would want to think. But it was not always destined to happen. As a kid, I watchedUdaan. I was told it was a TV serial on Kiran Bedi. I immediately wanted to become an IPS officer. From being a Chor , in the Chor-Police game […]