Walking the distance

In the last couple of days I have realized that Ouchmytoe readers (and that means YOU!) only like funny articles. I also have a feeling you prefer articles targeting Rekha more than anything else. So, here is a promise – will try and include Rekha in each post of mine for the next one week. […]

Maddox the Blog hater

The Alphabet of Manliness is a recent book written by a humor writer which is currently creating waves in the literary circles. I say humor writer with a lot of pride because like me he also maintains a funny/satire website titled ‘The Best Page In The Universe`. Unfortunately, he hates Blogs and this is how […]

Our Ooty trip

Our Ooty trip was great. Let`s take one hair-pin bend at a time. We reached Metupalayam on Saturday morning (29th April). As the train rolled into the station and I got down with the luggage…I had a feeling I had left behind something. I get this feeling often. Most of the time it is something […]

Ooty Bound

Rekha and I are leaving for Ooty tonight and will not be accessing our mails and Blogs for three consecutive days. We will be back on 2nd May, and by evening the die-hard Ouchmytoe fan can expect a post on how I labored hard in my father in law`s brick-kiln before I managed to win […]