My trip to Hyderabad

My company thinks I qualify for AC 2 tier, if I travel on work. So, when I was asked to travel to Hyderabad, I booked my ticket in the same class. Quite an experience. Even before I proceed any further, let me tell you that I have never ever traveled higher than 2nd class (sleeper […]

Ouchmytoe On Desipundit

Ouchmytoe has made it to Desipundit for the second time. A post titled “A fat chance” made it to the collaborative Blog on 19th May. Click Here The last time something similar happened was way back in Sept 2005, when Desipundit found “Why people don`t believe in contraceptives” worthy enough to be showcased. Click Here […]

A fat chance

Why are married women fatter than the unmarried ones? Answer: That’s because when the single women come home they see what is in the fridge and go to bed. But when married women come home, they see what is in bed and go to the fridge. * * * * * I completely agree. Married […]