What we call ‘Progress’ is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance. – Havelock Ellis (1859 – 1939)Ouchmytoe will soon be moving to a domain. The first steps have been taken – designing of the website. While most conporates prefer their launches to be surprises…Ouchmytoe thinks otherwise. It lets you be part of the […]

Andhra farmers get laptops to solve their farming problems

This article appeared in one of the earlier versions of The Colleger – the youth magazine where I have a column called ‘Jamming Session’. To subscribe to this magazine you can get in touch with – The Editor, Colleger at editor [@] thecolleger [.] com In one of the most far reaching welfare schemes implemented […]


 can`t say that this post is not inspired by Rekha. If I did, I will find myself walking to the court the next minute. If you are 20 and below, I would suggest you stop reading this post. If you are above 20, and are married, please don`t tell your wife that you read Ouchmytoe. […]

Lessons from traveling

They say traveling makes one a broadminded person. In my last 3-4 days in Hyderabad I have gained a lot of broadmindedness. First and foremost, never ever empathize with the locals. Here is why – Before I left for Hyderabad a colleague told me that Hyderabadis pronounce ‘Satyam` as ‘Satcham.` I kept this in mind […]