Rekha asked me in the morning “shall we go to play?” I said “sure…but why the sudden interest?” All my life I have been a sportsman….from winning 1500m races in school to captaining Tamil Nadu`s KVS Kabaddi team at the Nationals…I have always been a sportive sportsman. Play is something that I think should be […]

A real life conversation

Unmarried friend: You picking up your wife on your way? Married friend: Yeah… Unmarried friend: Why you so upset? Married friend: This is no longer exciting…it used to be great before marriage. Unmarried friend: I can understand. Familiarity breeds contempt. Married friend: Damn true. Now, if you ask me….picking ones nose is better than picking […]

Super Heros

Superman`s confidence has always left me in awe. It is not easy to wear your underwear over your trouser and yet walk tall on a busy road. As if wearing ones underwear over ones trouser was not enough…he also had a big ‘S` for ‘Sucker` on his chest. Not to mention that red flowing ‘bridely` […]