Traveling – the things we will miss in future

When I went to Madurai, I went alone. It was quite an experience traveling alone after being married for two years. Let us call this Jammy`s Law (like Bouyle`s Law) – “happy couples who prefer to travel together end up being unhappy”. There can be some exceptions to Jammy`s Law – for example, Rekha and […]

Business Line quotes me

On Thursday, 24th of August, Business Line quoted me in an article on Google Adsense & Adwords. As a close friend of mine will agree, the capitalist in me was exposed. The article was written by Abhinav Ramnarayan, who explored the various ‘Google` strategies advertisers and individuals use to make money. Incidentally, K Sundararaman, Sales […]

How I averted a flood, an earthquake and a Hindu-Muslim riot

The moles I planted around the World have reported that the readers want something really serious. I wonder why. When I asked the mole on Cindy Crawford`s face, it said: “Yes, I know…I even heard Drew Barrymore talking about it today morning.” “What was she saying?” I asked the mole I had once planted on […]


(ok fine…it`s a take on tit-for-tat, which I have always found to be vulgar) Ouchmytoe`s previous post on our visit to Mocha has been showcased on Ever since it was linked from their home, a lot of people have come to Ouchmytoe…and that`s why…I thought maybe I should return the favor. So, here is […]