Everybody vs IIPM

This is the latest update from the Blog World. And it is big. Phase 1 Editor of the JAM magazine for youth Rashmi Bhansal writes an article on IIPM`s tall claims in its print advertisements. The three different parts of the article were – The Rankings | The Degree | The Placements Phase 2 Gaurav […]

Jammy’s weakly predictions – Part 2

Libra (September 23 – October 23) This is the time for buying books and getting more education. Working-men will show a keen interest in current education. Especially the book titled ‘Laws of Electricity`. As for the ladies…don`t worry you will continue to show interest in another book – your honey`s cheque book. You probably wonder […]

A con-call

Have you ever had a boss who works out of another city? Or have you interacted with a client living across seven seas? If yes, chances are you have attended conference calls. Don`t ask me why they are also known as con-calls…. In my earlier job (with so many bloggers asked to leave by their […]

Why should you marry the girl you love?

I know most men have faced this dilemma. Should we marrying the girl we love or should we move on to greener pastures? If you ask me, I would say…don`t get into a relationship…but if you have already committed the mistake…don`t stop…marry the girl you love. It makes economical, political, social, religious, civic and geographical […]