Today - 29th March 2007 - at 12 noon my wife gave birth to a baby girl. Now I know why babies are considered a bundle of joy - they come wrapped as a bundle in a white, soft, cotton wrap-around (doesn`t look as good on the baby girl as

Girl to her class teacher: "My daddy just got a new car!" "That`s nice," says the teacher. "So is he all excited?" The girl replies: "Of course yes. He spent the whole night re-painting and changing the number plates." As always, today also somebody broke into somebody else`s house in Chennai. This has

Ram Gopal Varma has spoiled my life. Fortunately, Ron Howard has improved it a bit. Well, Ram Gopal Varma is the director of the Hindi movie Bhoot. And Ron Howard directed the Oscar winning English movie - A Beautiful Mind. Still confused? Let me explain. A fortnight back I had seen this

These are originals and not lifted from anywhere. When somebody as intelligent as Jammy sits down and comes up with PJs, he is bound to raise some heavy questions. For example - Do dining chairs actually dine? (I say heavy questions because of the font size and nothing else) Here are more

Did you know that Ouchmytoe has gone live with a Cricket Blog? If you knew it... great, but if you didn`t know it...don`t even is just a bunch of links put together for AdSense revenue.  ------X-------X------ Today, I missed the Australian innings of the India vs Australia Champions Trophy match. As

Click Here to View the Picture This pic was taken during the Republic Day celebrations, in Bihar. Don't know if it was snapped this year...or the year before. Look at the rest of the crowd...everybody is standing for the National Anthem. But Laloo Prasad Yadav and Rabri Devi are sitting even as

For the last four days I have been coming from office at 12 midnight. Thank heavens my wife Rekha is in Kerala. I topped this performance last night (or today morning!) by leaving office at 3.30 a.m.. No surprise considering we launched an application called Chak De Girls, on ibibo. In

This post is dedicated to an ardent reader Himani Sahni of Gurgaon who will be celebrating her birthday on January 31. Last year, she had mailed me requesting a funny post as a birthday gift. I obliged. Today - one year later - she proved history and women to be

It was early 2005 and each day I was discovering something new about my newly wedded wife. We had married each other on 8 September, 2004...or was it 10 September, 2004? Now that I have posted this, I will soon find out from the horse`s mouth. A few days before I

But enough of me. Let us talk about you. What do YOU think of me? - Bette Midler Recently, I got a mail from my boss saying that I was being made Head of the Product Group, responsible for ibibo blogs, ibibo Sawaal, ibibo Locals, ibibo Opinions & ibibo Polls. Phew! I

Pranay Srinivasan (an old friend of mine - not old in terms years!) sent this forward. Since it made interesting reading, thought I should share it with the other Ouchmytoe readers. Believe me...I didn`t make this one up. The Mail Forward as Received The European Commission has just announced an agreement

Other equally important incidents that have happened on April 26th 2002 - 19-year-old Robert Steinhäuser shoots and kills 17 people at his school in Erfurt, Germany. 1994 - A China Airlines Airbus A-300-600R crashes at Nagoya Airport, Japan killing 264. 1986 - In Ukraine, a nuclear reactor at the Chornobyl (Chernobyl) nuclear plant

It is said that if one wants to know his/her true friends one should get a Sales job. Very true. I have heard it from everybody I have worked with….so must be true. This is one of the things for which you can’t rely on hearing it from the horse’s

Before marriage I was of the belief that one person can never crowd one`s world. Apparently that`s false...and unfortunately I learnt that after marriage. I will try to be subtle here and not name the person who has crowded my life. Since Friday last (21st July) my life has taken a

Here is a letter Rekha wrote to me on the first anniversary of us deciding to marry (and speak to our parents). The letter is produced as it was handed over to me. The only additions are my comments in brackets. *The day was 31st March (Rekha, am I right?) Dear Rajan, Remember

She was awesome with homour (no wonder she was the World`s most celebrated humor columnist). Something, I have always wanted to be. Here is an online Museum in her name..with all info on her. At one point of time her humor columns would appear in more than 500 newspapers across the

[This was written when the rains were lashing Chennai and my Sify broadband connection was down] It has been raining cats and dogs in Chennai. NDTV tells me that is not true and it has been raining in other parts of the country also. Can`t mess with a pretty babe on

I am reaching the 30,000-page views landmark. Wish me luck. And let me know if you were the 30,000th visitor! Next post early in the morning....8.00 a.m. IST

I remember one of the fairer sexes recently commenting on this blog, that blog posts on ‘sex` are increasing with my age. Let me point her to a category called SEX on Ouchmytoe (man...that sounded like sex on toast!), where the most recent post is ‘Jammy`s Sex life exposed!,` written

I know this girl And I think she is mafia. Shes a BOMB herself. Now, that's a handy weapon. She also sells opium For when I near her I get a high. An expert in unarmed combat, She just has to touch me. And I cave in. Shes got weapons hidden Underneath her jacket That could blow my head apart. She avoids the

This is a post, which can be used against me the day I run for Mayor`s office in Chennai. Or after I become the Indian President. Remember US President George Bush faced trouble over his drug revelations. Or was it Arnold ‘Terminator` Schwarzenegger? When I was young...I said No to drugs. Hi, still up? Yeah. I am working on a strategy to make money for the company. In fact, I wanted to discuss my raise with you. Shouldn’t you be checking with your girl friends? No! I am talking about the annual appraisals. Ah! Mind you…. a petty criminal

A friend of mine who heads the Features Desk, The New Indian Express, Bangalore has written an article on the DINK issue. It is quite an entertaining piece by R Krishnakumar - himself quite an interesting personality. To give an example, we once unearthed an Old Monk quarter bottle from

(If you have not read the earlier post please do so before proceeding any further) The thing about characters is that they remain characters - and spice up my visit to Kannur. Mind you, ‘spice up` is not always used in the positive connotation. Since the movie ‘Vishu Visit` is yet to

I don`t know what you are addicted to...but I am addicted to tea. Any kind of tea will do for me - be it Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea or my favourite Japanese Tea. It is funny how an Indian sitting in Gurgaon is writing about something

Clarification: When I look at the comments for this post, I have strong reasons to believe that the junta thinks I have written this letter. As I said earlier, the letter is not my creation.   I know it will be hard for you to believe, but what follows is not

Lord Krishna`s Gita might be a Hindu book (or a girl next door), but I am sure all religions suggest that one should just work and not worry about the result. And what`s the first thing we teach our kids? "Don`t cry baby, I will give you a chocolate." Here,

Suggestion: Nag wanted me to write something on pre-marital sex. This is what he said: How abt writing something abt pre-marital sex? Here we go... In this age of hidden cameras, one cannot be too careful about ones sex life. Yet, in this blog...we will try and discuss the intricacies of pre-marital

If you remember, sometime back I had said that I was aiming for a Shah Rukh Khan like six-pack. Well, the girl colleague for whom I was working out quit her job a month back and got married last week. I came to know of her marriage after a fortnight

In my interaction with my baby daughter, I have come to know that they are quick learners, especially if they are girls. Take Rhea for example...yes, that`s what we have named her...Rhea has learnt the art of crying and not stopping till the end objective is achieved. There must be

As you are probably aware, I already have a treadmill at home. We used to work out in the initial days, but now we use it to dry our clothes. If you planning to buy a treadmill, I would suggest you buy one that can hold more than four dripping-wet

A week back we had a heavy discussion on Ouchmytoe. Remember reading an article titled ‘A Fat Chance`? As a follow up, here is a link M0rph3us left in my comments box. It is an awesome read. The beauty is both funny and informative at the same time. Reminds you

Was thinking of tracing my family tree - what with my grand father being a shepherd roaming around southen Tamil nadu with his cattle. And this cartoon happened.

My great grand father used to roam around the grass lands of Tamil Nadu with his 1000+ goats and sheep - exactly like the protagonist in Paulo Coelho`s book ‘The Alchemist`. I am not making this up. The only difference between The Alchemist`s protagonist and my great grand father

This is the transcript of an ACTUAL radio conversation between a US Naval ship and the Canadians, off the coast of Newfoundland, Oct. 95. In case you didn`t know people of Newfoundlands are considered to be the Sardars of Canada...that is to say, most jokes in Canada are aimed at