As you are already aware the Rajans are a very pious family. We have no addictions. Well, almost. Well, let me not bluff you. Remember, a saying “A cigarette is a pipe with a flame on one end and a fool at the other”….the credit for this goes to my

Excel has a nice feature which counts the number of days between two dates. For example, if I wanted to find how how long I have been blogging, all I need to do is go to a cell and type: ="04/21/2007"-"08/10/2003" First I mention today's date...and then the date I started blogging.

I didn`t realize but I have been quoted in this news item on Blog Bans, without my knowledge. One of the many prizes that I have to recieve for being a celebrity blogger ;-) Rekha and I are turning out to be a flashy couple, what with appearing in the newspapers at

I was innocent. For I thought she loved me. I was obviously (and naturally) thinking like a man. Rekha used to call me at least four to five times during office hours. If I include calls made to remind me to pay the phone bill, drop the Credit card cheque, or

"Why don`t Oysters donate? Because they are shellfish!" * * * * * I would have never known this but for my NCC friend Jayachandran`s decision to marry. I am glad his marriage opened my eyes to the ways of my wife. The connection? Read on. Being a working day, we had to

The biggest advantage of traveling across cities as an IT professional is the bath tub you get to use in the hotels. I have been alive for 31 years now but have never lived in a house with a bath tub. The closest I have come was when we had a

Ouchmytoe has made it to Desipundit for the second time. A post titled "A fat chance" made it to the collaborative Blog on 19th May. Click Here The last time something similar happened was way back in Sept 2005, when Desipundit found "Why people don`t believe in contraceptives" worthy enough to

Like me, my father has also been a story teller. When young, he told me a story about how one day, somebody told him about a restaurant where one could just eat and get out without paying. Apparently, the restaurant owner would take down your name and address and get

I remember going places before marriage. Not that I am not going places after marriage - I mean, I bought an iron box, a three-legged stool, a Motorola Razr V3i, a Suzuki Swift and a single bed for myself only after marriage. When I say I am not going places after

Some say that Adam got bored and asked God to give him a companion. Some say, God wanted Adam to sacrifice his one leg and one hand at the altar, if he wanted a companion. And when Adam requested God to give him somebody for whom he will only have

In the last few days I have got 591 browsers coming to my blog looking for Mallika Sherawat MMS. Any idea why they came to my Blog? Perhaps they thought ‘Mallika Sherawat MMS` meant ‘Mallika Sherawat Manages to Marry Somebody.` Who is this Mallika, anyways?

Ibibo Web Pvt Limited has another Indian first to its credit. Ibibo becomes the first Indian internet company to integrate applications (a la Facebook, if you know what I mean) into its Social Networking platform. And guess who helped in building it? Yours sincerely! It was quite a learning experience, because

On June 17 every year, this family goes through a private ritual - they photograph themselves to stop for a fleeting moment the arrow of time passing by. The result: We can in one page see their family and its members growing (not to mention, notice the changing fashion each year).

"Would you want to make love today?" "I fixed the DVD player for you." "Can you tune into Ten Sports, please?" "Your mother just called." "I sent some money to my parents." "I had this boy friend once...." "I loved the dumb bells you gifted me." "My girl friends find you hot." "I love Bipasha Basu and Mallika

A week back we had a heavy discussion on Ouchmytoe. Remember reading an article titled ‘A Fat Chance`? As a follow up, here is a link M0rph3us left in my comments box. It is an awesome read. The beauty is both funny and informative at the same time. Reminds you

A series of blogs on my father, in the hope that he doesnot end up reading it. I am in luck: for my father the internet is as good as a fishing net ... I know it is hard to believe, but my father once owned a bank. Yes, a bank. Name:

Work is important. Especially when ones spouse is not at home. It keeps ones mind from idling. After all idling is costly...haven`t the fuel prices shot up recently? Rekha`s absence has seen a sudden surge in my official out-put. Even the Admin guys complained that they had to work late to

Here are some things Rekha wants me to keep in mind this week-end i.e., when she is not here. I wonder if her absence is actually worth the fun. The list she handed over to me is being re-created verbatim - 1) Pick up the milk from the door, boil it and

My apologies. This post should have been up by 8 a.m. today but got delayed because of my divorced, dentist neighbor late last night. Usually, I don`t like discussing my neighbor`s life on my blog (why should I? He should start his own f%$#ing blog!) but since the story is

Gurgaon is cold. You probably wonder why I am saying so 18 months after shifting to the city ...that`s because you don`t know that I am NOT talking about the ‘attitude` cold but the weather ‘cold`. In September 2007 I had written on how a South Indian family was suffering

Never trust a woman who tells you her real age. A woman who would tell you that, would tell you anything. - Oscar Wilde I am thirty years old. That is...1/4th of my life is already over. I didn`t realize I was getting old until they showed character-artist AK Hangal on Doordarshan

Today, Ice creams are not a rare commodity....thus turning the life of husbands (and in some cases boy friends) a torture. Not so long back, they were a rare commodity. Back then, kulfis were the big thing. Not to mention the ‘noodles` ice stick (it would have semiya embedded). Some say,

I have nothing against Nursery Rhymes. Yet, when I was a kid I always thought they were a big fat lie. Perhaps, I matured too early or perhaps I was just incorrigible. Either ways I was not what other kids my age were. They all enjoyed nursery rhymes. I realized I was

An English teacher known to be a strong lady, wrote these words on the blackboard: "woman without her man is nothing". She then turned towards the students and asked them to punctuate the words correctly. The boy students wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing." The girl students wrote: "Woman! Without her,

I have put in my papers at AIG System Solutions. And will be moving to Satyam Computers by the first half of July. Naturally, we are looking out for a capable, creative and competitive person (wow...that did sound good) to replace me as the Corporate Communications guy here. It is a

Now I am a proud owner of a four-wheeler driving license. It has not been easy. If you remember I had started taking driving lessons way back in March 2006 A.D. Today morning I got up at 4.30 a.m. and took bath - I never miss bathing on big days. By

It helps to have a romantic husband. Rekha had a ball of a time yesterday and she said: "This was my best birthday ever." This is exactly what she had said last time. Having set an expectation, I now have to beat myself on 5th July 2007. Tough task....but then I have

Yesterday, I had a mail in my Gmail inbox which had an interesting subject: "Jammy, you stole my sleep". My immediate reaction was, "Has the mail come from a girl or a boy?" I checked...and it had come from Viji - in all probability a south Indian (pretty!) girl.

Men and women handle stress differently. Like me, if you are also married you can go ahead and close this window....but if you aren`t married...carry on reading, these could end up being the words that will leave you a bachelor for life. Lets start with the women first. Unlike men,

A 28-year old man has found a condom in a 2-liter Pepsi bottle. He and his wife had gone to Khandala for a nice weekend, and after booking a hotel room, they asked for room service. Even as the requested Pepsi bottle arrived, the couple got cozy. Soon, a condom materialized

Kya aap karte hain biwi se pyaar? "Abki baar Modi sarkar" +++++++++ Congress Kyon Loote Bar Bar "Abki baar Modi sarkar" +++++++++ Alok Nath sikhayenge humey Sanskar "Abki baar Modi sarkar" +++++++++ Mallika Sherawat ka asli pyaar "Abki baar Modi sarkar" +++++++++ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star "Abki baar Modi sarkar" +++++++++ Safed hai cement, kala hai tar "Abki baar Modi sarkar" +++++++++ Ek Duni do, Do duni

Imagination has no direction. In the given is aptly signified. Give it a try. Let loose your imagination. Just don`t lose it; you might be thrown out of your job. And I am not recruiting any sooner.

If you are living in Delhi or Gurgaon, my apologies....rain was never meant for you. If you live elsewhere in the country, chances are you have seen rain and understand what it is. Here is an article on the rainy season. I don`t remember when I first saw rain. Since

The fun things in life even out after marriage. Perhaps it is the commitment. Some call it baggage. Last evening...Rekha and I visited a gynecologist. It was quite an experience. She has been asking me to take her to a gynecologist for a month. I was postponing the meeting...perhaps because

I was watching`s (thats where I work) latest advertisement and wondering why do people wear two underwears when in the washroom. Fashion, perhaps? Don`t trust me? Watch the video I have embedded below. Let me assure you that I am NOT a fashionable person. Neither is my family. So