August 6 can't be forgotten. It was on this day that US of A gave birth to organized terrorism (doesn`t terrorism actually mean creating terror?) by dropping an atom bomb called ‘Little Boy` on Hiroshima. History tells us that they dropped another on August 9, and that too after knowing

If it is dinner time and you are married, be careful. I repeat, Be Careful. Most men are vulnerable when it is dark. And the women know that. Some old hag who knew little about the mind of a woman had once said: "The way to a man heart, is through

Being the back-seat driver comes easily to Rekha. She ‘comments` on my driving and gives me tips on avoiding the spots of bother that I could get into. Always I rubbish her comments and continue driving. As a result, we have had long, silent sessions where neither of us spoke. Believe

These are originals and not lifted from anywhere. When somebody as intelligent as Jammy sits down and comes up with PJs, he is bound to raise some heavy questions. For example - Do dining chairs actually dine? (I say heavy questions because of the font size and nothing else) Here are more

Ten years back, I would stay away from shops that had a glass door and were air conditioned  – they always tend to be costlier than the other shops. In recent years, thanks primarily to a booming economy and subsequent increase in my salary (psst...don't tell my wife) I don't

Clarification: When I look at the comments for this post, I have strong reasons to believe that the junta thinks I have written this letter. As I said earlier, the letter is not my creation.   I know it will be hard for you to believe, but what follows is not

According to a survey, 70 per cent of all mails sent over the net are spam. And within the next few years, the figure is expected to reach 90 per cent. All this will happen from London, where laws for spammers are not so severe. Ever thought how it would be

I was under the impression that only heat drives Chennaites crazy but looks like there are many more such influencers. Trade fairs, for example. From Toyota Camry to a TVS 50, all were lined up at the entrance. The security guard was under the spotlight; that is until he brushed shoulders

I have a Nokia 3310. A very basic model when compared to the hi-tech mobiles that I see in the hands of hi-tech people. I am not aware of the features that the latest of mobiles come with, but I think the phone companies should seriously think of incorporating the

Last night, it rained. This phenomenon doesn`t happen often in Chennai but when it does, it rains cats and dogs. In fact, today morning I spent half an hour removing cats and dogs from the clothes we had left outside for drying. During the exercise I also observed that wet

Here is an actual conversation that happened between my wife and me. Please understand that to make it an interesting read I have included a few fight scenes, a few romance scenes and a few song and dance sequences. Date: 7 January, 2011 Time: 7.00 pm IST From: Rekha [] To: Jammy [] Subject: Late? Are

Yesterday I read review of the Hindi movie Girlfriend. It is about two girls, who like each other and eventually develop sexual attraction towards each other. A prominent word used in the review was `lesbian`. Being the innocent man, that everybody knows me to be, I went out looking for what

Here is the winning for your convenience! A Gentleman`s guide to your wife`s sari OK, I accept I iron her clothes. Who doesn`t? Just because I don`t have the courage to take her head-on and fight for my rights, you can`t call me a coward. I am quite a brave guy.

Rekha and I watched a Malayalam movie last night. was amazing...some Mohal Lal flick...the name doesn't matter. But now I am a major fan of Malayalam movies. Suggest me some good ones ...would really love to watch a few more of them. To know more about the movie we saw....check

Ajay Shroff (a friend of mine) and Nanette (a friend of his) have thrown into the cauldron called Internet two ticking time-bombs. You don`t want to be the one that didn`t enjoy the rush for it now: I am surprised these domain names were available for Ajay. It is

In my work place I get to be part of ‘Calls`. Anybody who works with clients abroad would understand what a ‘call` means - sheer respect. For those who don`t know what it is a small take. A ‘call` is nothing but a weekly (or bi-weekly) tele-conference between the clients/superiors

Shakespeare said it. And we have lived with it. But there is a lot in a name. Shakespeare who in one of his theatre production (think Romeo & Juliet) said "What is in a name. A rose by any name will smell the same." I disagree. If that were so, why

Indians are not going to win the Mumbai Test. If they win, well...they win. But the cricketer in me says that the English are going to square the series 1-all. To know why don`t look any further than Kumble`s 2nd innings bowling figures of 4/49 and Harbhajan`s 2/40. That definitely

I generally like to travel by second class. To tell you the truth we travel first class only when Rekha is with me. I know, all this while I have maintained that I preferred the lively atmosphere of the 2nd class to the deafening silence in a 1st class compartment

I was just wondering what my preferences in life were. Do I have any opinions? Do I have any tastes? Do I have stands? Surprisingly, I have none. This rules me out of the race for Mahatma of this century. And Gandhi wins, hands down. How could somebody with no tastes, opinions

Listed here are 99 most desirable women in the World. This is a list prepared by If you haven`t been to the site before...please do. It is an awesome site..very useful for men. And it is equally useful for women because they get an insight into a man`s mind. You

Wow! Rekha and I are now proud participants of a revolution initiated by Karl Benz way back in 1885. Yes! We are proud owners of a car - Suzuki Swift. At least, I am proud of it. Rekha had wanted a Mercedes Benz S-Class. As you can see her tastes

Found some interesting quotes on "Names". Yes, names. Here they are - Mr Ball? How very singular. - Tomas Beecham Some people have difficulty deciding on the name for their new-born baby. Some have rich relatives. - Don McElroy The batsman`s Holding the bowler`s Willey. - Brian Johnson [The commentator was trying to explain that Holding was

In a way, Bar Stools are like Super Models. They come with long legs, and are often found in the pubs. Rich, drunk men use them but only till around 1 am. Around this time, these men lose their ability to use both the Bar Stools and the Super Models.

Warning: This movie is like LOC (remember the four hour movie?) and only the characters would be introduced in the pre-interval session. Rekha and Rajan love each other very much. And because, Rajan loves his wife a little bit more than that required for a safe and stable day-to-day existence, he

If you are a South Indian and reading this, chances are you will not understand because you have never seen a winter. You might as well read a book titled ‘Mr & Mrs Butt` released recently by Sanjay Dutt and his two sisters. If you are a North Indian, you probably

Work is important. Especially when ones spouse is not at home. It keeps ones mind from idling. After all idling is costly...haven`t the fuel prices shot up recently? Rekha`s absence has seen a sudden surge in my official out-put. Even the Admin guys complained that they had to work late to

I really mean it...the biggest open source conference - who said open source as a concept can only be used for software development? - rolled off to a Ferrari like start at 9 a.m.. Kiruba Shankar, who has been the inspiration behind this camp ever since the idea was mooted said

I have a cool hairstyle (see my pic on this page). But not all are as lucky, like for example you. Ever seen yourself in the mirror? God forbid, but did you swoon and hit your temple on the ceramic sink and die? Hairstyles are of many types. Some can be

I got this as a forward from my ex-teammate and good friend Yuvraj (I like to call him Yuvraj Singh). It makes for a great reading and is really hilarious. Go ahead.... A ship sank in high seas and the following people got stranded on a beautiful deserted island in the middle

Agreed my Grandmother only did her 4th Grade, but she was an intelligent lady. She worked for Indian International Group (IIG) - then India`s largest insurance group. She worked in the capacity of a stenographer (also known as stenos). In the days before the bosses started liking their secretaries, the stenos

Man they say was never made for toilets, or is it that toilets were never made for man? Anyways, here I am not pointing a finger at all the saints who for close to 2-3 minutes give up their Worldly belongings, which more often than not is just some pride

If you aren`t a smart person, you probably think Silicon Valley is Pamela Anderson`s cleavage. No! Just because Pamela Anderson has gone for silicon can`t take it literally. Silicon Valley is the southern part of San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, USA and a region where high-tech companies (and

This weekend we are holed up at home but the next one will be spent outside, with my family from Madurai. My folks from Madurai are coming to stay with us for a week or so. That`s considered a long stay in Chennai terms, but not according to Madurai standards. "Amma,

It has been 22 days since my last blog post on February 1. I have been kept busy by my colleagues at nothing to complain there. On the personal front, Rhea has started getting super-active and it hurts to leave her playing by herself and sit in front

I often think of the attraction of smoking, that it simplifies the world into three parts. There’s you, there’s the cigarette, and everything else is the ashtray.