Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Peter Russell – whats common among them all? For the not-so-trained-an-eye, it would seem as if the common thing between them is lack of sex in their lives. Do you know why only stand up comedians don’t get enough sex? Let me let you in

Today Yahoo! is celebrating its 10th Birthday. was unveiled on 2nd March 1995! To see how Yahoo! looked ten years back Click Here. Funny, how fast things move on the Internet. Don`t get the full import of Yahoo`s 10th birth anniversary? Try comparing the first and the existing version of Yahoo!. All

August 6 can't be forgotten. It was on this day that US of A gave birth to organized terrorism (doesn`t terrorism actually mean creating terror?) by dropping an atom bomb called ‘Little Boy` on Hiroshima. History tells us that they dropped another on August 9, and that too after knowing

A friend of mine is looking for a team of individuals willing to freelance and build a social networking site a la Facebook, Orkut, My Ibibo, BigAdda etc. He operates out of Chennai and wishes to start on his dream project as soon as possible. He needs people with the

If you own a four-chair dining table at home, inviting three friends over for dinner isn`t a great idea. We invited three friends and ended up having a buffet - and being used to buffets, after finishing their dinner they placed Rs 300 each on the dining table and left.

If you are a Tamil or Telugu movie buff, you probably know Ranjith Nair. Having sung 23 Tamil and six Telugu song, one can safely assume that he is an up coming signer. You can listen to his Tamil or Telugu songs by clicking on the links. Just in case you

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. - Will Rogers (You bet sir. For I don`t think what is happening to me is comedy...but these guys who are regular readers of my marriage woes think it is funny) The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one

Did you know the intra-city bus service in Chennai is considered one of the best in India? If you didn`t ...chances are don`t read the magazine I have subscribed for. On Saturday, I traveled by bus from Velachery (in Chennai) to the Central station. It was quite an experience. While talking of

In the name of humour, we will now learn to respect and appreciate the capabilities of the disabled. I wouldn`t have written this piece had it not been for this stupid guy in my office who parks in the handicap-parking slot. I tried to argue with him...but he just wouldn`t listen.

Even Picasso experimented with it. He was a man, wasn`t he? It doesn`t elevate me to the levels of Picasso, but it is true that I have also experimented with shaving. I started as early as last 1990 - when I was still a young lad of 15. I still

ibibo does one better and launches a chic product called OneFamily - a product that intends to bring your family closer. Give OneFamily a shot (You will need an ibibo ID) While a big team worked on OneFamily off the rails, I am linking only the ones who have blogs -

On Friday I flew back to Chennai. The cheap airlines might have brought ‘flying` to the masses but they have also taken off the royalty built around flying. At 5 p.m. on June 9, I walked up to the pretty receptionist at Kamat Lingapur Hotel in Hyderabad and said: "Hey, check

I don`t know what you are addicted to...but I am addicted to tea. Any kind of tea will do for me - be it Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea or my favourite Japanese Tea. It is funny how an Indian sitting in Gurgaon is writing about something

I promise, I didn't write this. No, seriously. But I sure am going to give a bit of my own, before I put you onto the letter a very intelligent Sardani wrote for her son in Canada. I once had a Sardar friend, who in spite of his turban continued

(A not so serious analysis) 1) World is now divided into two types of people - those that were affected, and those that weren`t. 2) Those who were not affected are of two categories - those that actually helped, and those that got goose pimples and kept watching the TV. 3) Kids will

My company thinks I qualify for AC 2 tier, if I travel on work. So, when I was asked to travel to Hyderabad, I booked my ticket in the same class. Quite an experience. Even before I proceed any further, let me tell you that I have never ever traveled higher

It is only when you look at an ant through a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realize how often they burst into flames. – Harry Hill I don’t kill flies. I like to mess with their minds. I hold them above globes. They freak out and yell: “Whoa,

(Actually that`s a lie. This podcast was done from the news headlines of 24 June, 2006) The headlines talk about seven hardcore terrorists who wanted to attack the 103-storey Sears Tower in Chicago, the Iranian nuclear bomb case, US Government tracking your bank deals, Google Earth, Nicole Kidman and Andre

I have been a little busy at work lately and expect (or is it except?) to be forgiven for not coming up with an original. Promise to have something by Friday evening. Till then, enjoy this one liner I got in mail. Girl: One kiss and I'll be yours forever. Boy: Thanks

Support Gaurav and Rashmi in the Everybody vs IIPM case? Here use this wallpaper to show your stand. As always, this is also an inspired gesture. Earlier today, Kiruba came up with ‘Support Buttons` for the cause.

This happened today morning. Rekha and I got up at 6 a.m. Getting up together is a relatively new habit. There used to be a time when Rekha would get up at 5.30 a.m., take bath, pray and with water dripping from her tied-in-a-turban-on-top-of-her-head hair, she would touch my lotus

My mother-in-law`s name is Shantha Chandran. And till the time I am alive, I can`t forget her. In fact, she wouldn`t let me forget her. I first met her when she along with my father in law came to my house to meet my parents. Like I have already mentioned,

I was innocent. For I thought she loved me. I was obviously (and naturally) thinking like a man. Rekha used to call me at least four to five times during office hours. If I include calls made to remind me to pay the phone bill, drop the Credit card cheque, or

There was a time when an application meant a form you filled and submitted in a bank, post office or any other office just few hours before the deadline. Not applications mean something else. We are talking of Smartphone apps. Here are a few wierd ideas for smartphone applications.

Finally! This post is to announce my arrival in Gurgaon. The city is all gur and no gaon. At about 9.15 a.m. on June 25, the pilot of the 6.15 a.m. Kingfisher Airlines from Chennai announced: "We will be reaching Delhi in the next ten minutes. The climatic temperature in

You have either landed here for the first time today...or you have been reading my crap since kingdom come. Whatever be the case, you probably wonder what sort of guy would write such crazy stuff. If I were you...I would wonder. If I have still not managed to create a curiosity,

Was thinking of tracing my family tree - what with my grand father being a shepherd roaming around southen Tamil nadu with his cattle. And this cartoon happened.

Yesterday I took my grandmother to a hospital nearby. She had been coughing the whole night and I thought if I could fix her a meeting with the 65-year-old general physician nearby, she would be happy. My grandma had a ball of a time. The doctor held her hand (he said

What is Sympathetic Obesity Syndrome In the World of Gynecologists there exists a term called ‘Sympathetic Obesity Syndrome.` If you are a doctor and know that such a term doesn`t exists now. In fact, now that you have found out, I might as well name - ‘Jammy`s Obesity`. To cut

Ten thousand times ten thousand in sparkling raiment bright, The armies of the ransomed saints throng up the steeps of light; `Tis finished, all is finished, their fight with death and sin; Fling open wide the golden gates, and let the victors in. - Poet unknown - - - - - - - - -

I got this as a forward from my ex-teammate and good friend Yuvraj (I like to call him Yuvraj Singh). It makes for a great reading and is really hilarious. Go ahead.... A ship sank in high seas and the following people got stranded on a beautiful deserted island in the middle

Giving bath to a baby isn`t as easy as it is made out to be. More so, when two pair of watchful eyes are prying over your shoulder. Yesterday, Rekha and I ran into each other at home and the final verdict was that I wasn`t contributing much to our

Ajay Shroff (a friend of mine) and Nanette (a friend of his) have thrown into the cauldron called Internet two ticking time-bombs. You don`t want to be the one that didn`t enjoy the rush for it now: I am surprised these domain names were available for Ajay. It is

Always been a Google fan? Become a better fan by knowing about all of their products here.  As if this list wasn`t enough they have many other services in the pipe-line. To take a look at them, visit the Google Lab. Why are we talking of Google`s so many services

But enough of me. Let us talk about you. What do YOU think of me? - Bette Midler Recently, I got a mail from my boss saying that I was being made Head of the Product Group, responsible for ibibo blogs, ibibo Sawaal, ibibo Locals, ibibo Opinions & ibibo Polls. Phew! I

The character reminds me of myself. Long the days of the yore.. when I used to wear a navy blue trouser, a dirty white shirt and Charlie Chaplin-like shoes six days a week...I used to be addressed as Romeo Rajan. Funny, how certain sounds, certain smell or for that matter