In my interaction with my baby daughter, I have come to know that they are quick learners, especially if they are girls. Take Rhea for example...yes, that`s what we have named her...Rhea has learnt the art of crying and not stopping till the end objective is achieved. There must be

Q: Hi Inzy, right at the outset my best wishes for Asia Cup. So, what are your chances? A: On record or off the record? Q: Does it matter? A: Yes...personally I know we have no chance of winning. If we are winning Akhtar`s faction will ensure we lose...and if Akhtar bowls well,

A friend of mine is looking for a team of individuals willing to freelance and build a social networking site a la Facebook, Orkut, My Ibibo, BigAdda etc. He operates out of Chennai and wishes to start on his dream project as soon as possible. He needs people with the

Our daughter Rhea has been steadily growing. And why not? She eats as many rotis as her 34 year old father. Though she keeps referring to her strength by saying "I am a strong girl" and her muscles by saying "See my muscles"....we feel she is also developing mentally -

File Transporter If you have a heavy file (upto 1 GB) to be transferred to another comp or to be sent to your friend, just visit this url, give your/your friend's mail id and upload it. You/your freind will get a mail with the link from where the file can be

New Year resolutions are nothing but new headaches to be taken care of, in the year that unfolds. You don`t realize it until you get married. Because, when you are a bachelor, you give yourself a promise and then break it at leisure on the 3rd of January - that is

Ok..Ok...this tip is only for those who missed watching Sun TV, BBC, CNN & Aaj Tak last evening...and for those that didn't read the Washinton Post, The Hindu, The Times of India, Malayalam Manorama and The Guardian, today morning. Try searching for 'Best Indian Funny Blog' on Google . If you

I know it sounds like a Hindi movie actress picked up by a rouge for a rape scene. But this article is about my In-Laws Do you know why they are called In-laws? Coz they think they are THE Law! I got to tell you this...those of you who are married are

Sometimes life can be really cruel to you. It hurts more when you have been trying to be nice. Yesterday, it was raining when I left home to reach office in time. I have been using Rekha`s TVS Scooty ever since we came back after marriage. And mind you, she still

Click Here to savor it and please do remember to post your feedback. It is a humble attempt at coming up with a site full of satire & humour (hopefully). The good news is, Ouchmytoe is open to contributions. *Best viewed in 800X600 resolution. Best Wishes Jamshed V Rajan Editor-at-Large

In my office we have a colleague called Victor. Most in the office call him ‘dry fish’ because he has no life and no juice….but somehow I don’t agree to him being called by that name because I love 'dry fish'!

Yesterday was World Tuberculosis Day. Good that people from different walks of life came together for a walk. No, none of these people were coughing (baring the smokers). Because, if you have TB you will feel very tired while walking. Especially, on the roads as polluted as ours. Anyways, this made

I know numbers mean nothing...but this one is for the kicks. In May, this Blog reached the 10,000 mark. With one more day to go for this month to be over...this Blog has received 10,263 Page Views. The total number of visitors to this Blog in this month have been 3,863...and they

Sharad Pawar is the new BCCI President. How refreshing. The democratic country that we are, anybody can be elected to top posts. Just about anybody. Even Sharad Pawar... Indian cricket has eventually managed to get out of the frying pan and reach the fire. I am not surprised Sharad Pawar is

Here are a few interesting answers given by students, during exams. I came across these while preparing for my exam - the Humour Orientation Test Designed for Useless and Deliquescent Entities. Interestingly the abbreviated form for this exam`s name is ‘Hot Dude`. The temptation to pretend that I imagined and came

Is Windows near the end of its least that is the headline The New York Times gives to a Steve Ballmer interview showcased on its home page. Mr Ballmer answers questions about Microsoft, his job and the future of software. To read the interview, click here. While at The

You don`t marry a girl. You marry her relatives. While some agree that that marriage is the fastest way of transferring funds or bringing in a change of management, I believe that it is the quickest way to insanity. I recently visited Bangalore for I was invited to a marriage in Rekha`s

As you are probably aware, I already have a treadmill at home. We used to work out in the initial days, but now we use it to dry our clothes. If you planning to buy a treadmill, I would suggest you buy one that can hold more than four dripping-wet

Thanks to Flash's comment left here, I have realized that for the last 30 years of my life I have been referring to Storks as Strokes! What shame...on my teachers. Needless to say, you will have to keep this spelling mistake in mind while reading the post below. I have

Nominations for the first Annual Blogging Awards are out. And yours sincerely has been nominated in a 100 actually only four categories. I am excited. Afterall, even a comedian needs his bit of smiles. Ouchmytoe has won four nominations out of the possible eleven and here are the details - Best Current

[This poem has been written for Rekha. All those girls who read this and think it is for them, please excuse me...believe it or Valentine this year is my wife.] Rekha, even as you sleep, I sit before the comp, Feeling my heart beep. It has been ages I wrote a poem, But I

What is life made up of? Simple: Take a lie, add the F-word and you get L.I.F.E. Cool isn`t it? Anyway, I have arrived in life. Last evening I bought L`Oreal`s Out Of Bed Long Lasting Messed Up Effect hair gel! There did seem to be a conspiracy by the sales

This blog post is inspired by another blog called "Our Delhi Struggle" (Click here to check it out), where Dave & Jenny chronicle their ‘struggles` in Delhi. Guess what, Harper Collins has offered them a book deal (and when is my turn?). Their blog posts are keen insights into what

>>If you like it, please click on the Fb Like button above<< Back in the cave man days, finding a spouse was easy. One only had to go hunting and come back with a huge, dead deer on your back and place it in the corner of the cave. The woman,

It is very true that the rich are less generous than the poor. The best example lies in the tip that we leave for the waiter, once the meal is over. A good tip will be/should be 15% of the cost of the bill. I know that is on the

You know the good thing about father-in-laws? Once you are married to their daughters you don’t need to impress them. And, do you know the bad thing about wives? They understand the son-in-law vs father-in-law undercurrents, and thus force you to respect him. I am a better person early in

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There are people like this. For the world they are the gift to mankind...and deep down inside ...or for that matter beneath a thin layer of brasso, they are green and slimy.

Heard about this Chennai guy who recently got caught between a concrete wall and a corporation bus? He lost both his left hand and left leg. According to the latest reports...he is all right! Monday post coming soon. :-)

Sending off a friend on a short assignment out of town is a difficult task. More difficult if she is a 27-year-old pretty girl. Today one of my girl colleagues left for Mumbai on an assignment. She would be away from office for close to a fortnight and we are

What is the issue all about? We expect our Government to do a lot of things - But not Ban Blogs. That too Because a Bunch of terrorists exchanged messages on some God forsaken private Blog. We had two opposing reasons to Believe that the Government would never resort to something like

Wonder if there were traffic policewomen 40 years back. Coz, if they were ...I can be sure that in her previous birth Rekha was a traffic policewoman. From the moment she sits on my Yamaha at 8.30 a.m. till the time I drop her (at 8.50 a.m.) at her office, she

Kissing is fine if it is within the five walls of the house. Yes, ours is a unique house. Once, is a big mess. Unless of course, you live in the US of A or the fashion capital (or French capital?) Paris. After the Kareena Kapoor-Shahid Khan kissing episode that

Ouchmytoe Recommends is a new category being started just because I have nothing much to do. TWISTED DNA happens to be the first blog Ouchmytoe Recommends. If you love Ouchmytoe`s style of writing, you will definitely like Twisted DNA. Come on now...give him some page views...will you? Some of his favorite

buf·fet1 n. A meal at which guests serve themselves from various dishes displayed on a table or sideboard Well, that`s what buffets are supposed to be. Unless, it is a meeting of old colleagues who want to catch up on the lives of their common friends. Throw into the pool a

I am not the kind to make fun of somebody`s mistakes - especially because my English teacher never made fun of me. She didn`t because she knew that I was eyeing her and if she showed more care towards me (coz I was weak), I might mistake that for love. There

I will never forget how I tasted liquor for the first time. The biology teacher (whom I had a crush on, and thus went on to score 87% in XII so as to impress her) informed us that the next day we will be dissecting frogs and one of us

Now it is the time to answer my own question "Why am I telling you about my airplane high-jacking incident?" Answer: I have arrived in life. I have booked a ticket in Spice Jet. Living up to their expectation, Spice Jet handed me a print out with some haldi stain on it.