The fun things in life even out after marriage. Perhaps it is the commitment. Some call it baggage. Last evening...Rekha and I visited a gynecologist. It was quite an experience. She has been asking me to take her to a gynecologist for a month. I was postponing the meeting...perhaps because

Nominations for the first Annual Blogging Awards are out. And yours sincerely has been nominated in a 100 actually only four categories. I am excited. Afterall, even a comedian needs his bit of smiles. Ouchmytoe has won four nominations out of the possible eleven and here are the details - Best Current

I was born on 26 April, 1975 – a bad time to be born. Indira Gandhi was to announce Emergency in India on 21st June, 1975…but my mother beat her to it by a couple of months and delivered me at the Army Hospital, Jamshedpur on 26 April 1975. I

Ever felt like re-writing your CV/Resume/Bio-data after seeing somebody else's? I have...many a times. In fact, I go green whenever I see a good resume. Check out the Best CV on the Web (shall we say the World?). It takes a while to load...but I tell you it is worth the

Swine Flu is like Susan Boyle. It hasn't really done much, but anyone with an internet connection has heard of it. - Read somewhere on the internet [Not heard of Susan Boyle?] I know this article on Swine Flu is late. By the time you read this, it might not even

A few days back a friend of mine joked that if Google carries on at the speed it is now, Yahoo! will soon have to replace the exclamation mark with a question this - Yahoo? I wasn`t so sure then...but after I read these three articles I wonder if my

I was once in love with a girl whose second name was Punjwani. Since she already had a boy friend the affair was brief - so short that I don`t even remember her first name. Having once loved a is only right that the second blog Ouchmytoe recommends is

I didn`t write this one too. Promise. Here is a bulletin circulated in our office yesterday. Dear associate, We recently received credible intelligence that there have been seven terrorists working in our office. Six of the seven have been apprehended. Bin Sleepin, Bin Loafin, Bin Goofin, Bin Lunchin, Bin Drinkin and Bin Butt-Kissin This is probably the dullest blog in the whole universe. Click on the link above, and I can assure won't be disappointed! Also, check out the comments he has got!

Wanted to illustrate a cartoon on the medical camp happening and the associtaes who have spent five years here in Sify, but ended up clubbing both. For the un-informed, I will be completing five years in Sify in a year and a half. *Unfortunately, I quit Sify well before completing my

I have put in my papers at AIG System Solutions. And will be moving to Satyam Computers by the first half of July. Naturally, we are looking out for a capable, creative and competitive person (wow...that did sound good) to replace me as the Corporate Communications guy here. It is a

"Would you want to make love today?" "I fixed the DVD player for you." "Can you tune into Ten Sports, please?" "Your mother just called." "I sent some money to my parents." "I had this boy friend once...." "I loved the dumb bells you gifted me." "My girl friends find you hot." "I love Bipasha Basu and Mallika

I have a doubt that I am a woman. I don`t have much proof for this - for example, I don`t get 1000+ scraps a day on Orkut and ibibo. Neither do men stare at my chest while I talk to them nor do they open the door for me

One of my friends who is very strong in History was heard saying: "Pearl Harbour? Who is she?" Another friend, who is an expert in Playboy replied: "She was the centerfold for the December issue of 1941."

Girls always put on weight after marriage. Men lose flab if they take lunch to office...or gain weight if they eat out during lunch breaks. The issue compounds when both the husband and wife work in IT companies where, even if one doesn`t have work one is forced to hang on

Believe it or not, this is quite a ritual. It is not as easy as picking up the phone and calling them over for lunch. I wanted to call a NCC mate of mine home and this is what happened. "Rekha we need to call Derek Lesley home," I said casually

Rhea takes amazing amount of interest in singing, and listening to music. Perhaps this and the fact that her mother was once a violinist....made us buy a small keyboard for Rhea a few years back. Occasionally she forces us to take the keyboard out and bangs a few keys. In

Ever lived in a hostel? If not, you would better stop reading coz you are not going to understand one bit. Today morning when I walked into my balcony, I saw my towel fall from the line where I had left it to dry. It was dry all right. But

I know it sounds like a Hindi movie actress picked up by a rouge for a rape scene. But this article is about my In-Laws Do you know why they are called In-laws? Coz they think they are THE Law! I got to tell you this...those of you who are married are

I was born by Caesarian. You can`t usually tell, but whenever I go out of the house, I take the window. - Steven Martin Today, I was telling my Reporting Manager (I use the word because it sounds less sinister than ‘boss`) that I wanted to have a baby. I mean not

While I was growing up we had an EC TV on which we would without fail watch Rangoli every Sunday. Exactly at 7 a.m. my mother would switch on the TV to watch Rangoli and enjoy good old Bollywood melodies. Around the same time, my father would start his rant

It has been ages since I updated you on how my married life with Rekha has been progressing. Let me break the streak and come up with a post on how "blissful" the marriage has been. As you are already aware I am not a fan of this institution called

The problem with surprising one`s wife at the age of 34 is that all the easy routes have been already taken - like leaving an ‘I love you` wallpaper on the desktop, sending home flowers when you are out of town or calling the old newspaper guy to dispose the

This is a snap of mine taken when I was all of one year Jamshedpur, Bihar. Did not have anything to write about...and the narcissist that I am, thought why not put up my one-year old pic.

Yesterday South Indian actress Jyothika came to our office, and the whole building was cordoned off. She had requested for extra layer of security coz, it seems she is not good at handling crowd. This made me think. In future, the World will be full of criminals, who want to rob,

Today is my birthday - apologies...didn`t give you advance notice. But then, you weren`t going to dispatch a gift to my address. Or were you planning to? Last year Rekha had gifted me a pair of beer mugs. Wonder what it will be this time. Tonight, Rekha and I are going

Has your father ever chased you around the house to apply that dirty lather (that`s what one thought till one started shaving) on your cheeks? If the answer is no, you would probably not understand the romance involved. My father was trying on my sisters, and me what he had already

Ram Gopal Varma has spoiled my life. Fortunately, Ron Howard has improved it a bit. Well, Ram Gopal Varma is the director of the Hindi movie Bhoot. And Ron Howard directed the Oscar winning English movie - A Beautiful Mind. Still confused? Let me explain. A fortnight back I had seen this

Controversial British comedian Bernard Manning died today. Branded a racist through out his life, the star comedian was banned from many clubs in Britain. His death hasn`t settled matters...people are still arguing if racist comments can be funny. The good thing about a comedian dying is that you get other

If you have ever been somebody’s Valentine, you would have noticed that more often than not the Valentine’s Day celebrations fade out with time. Being an average next door couple, we both have almost stopped celebrating this day. Now, before you go ahead get judgmental, let me tell you that

According to a survey, 70 per cent of all mails sent over the net are spam. And within the next few years, the figure is expected to reach 90 per cent. All this will happen from London, where laws for spammers are not so severe. Ever thought how it would be

Sify had just then come up with Sify Blogs and in an attempt to populate the blogs, all editors were asked to start blogging. I started one on Indian Sports and another on Cricket. A few others weren't as lucky - they had to blog on Nano Technology and Chip

A 28-year old man has found a condom in a 2-liter Pepsi bottle. He and his wife had gone to Khandala for a nice weekend, and after booking a hotel room, they asked for room service. Even as the requested Pepsi bottle arrived, the couple got cozy. Soon, a condom materialized

Water for free? Heat can make people go crazy, especially if you own a popular electrical store in Chennai. Mahendra Bhandari, owner of Bhandari and Sons recently started leaving water cans (full of water, that is) outside of his shop. He says, he wants the passer-bys to quench their thirst. Meanwhile,

In my office we have a colleague called Victor. Most in the office call him ‘dry fish’ because he has no life and no juice….but somehow I don’t agree to him being called by that name because I love 'dry fish'!

Libra (September 23 - October 23) This is the time for buying books and getting more education. Working-men will show a keen interest in current education. Especially the book titled ‘Laws of Electricity`. As for the ladies...don`t worry you will continue to show interest in another book - your honey`s cheque