Some jokes are timeless. Like the one given below which has been told at least 10 times by Rahul Razdan, and yet manages to bring out a smile out of a tired me. Apparently, two Sardars were sitting on a tree feeling Happy. And then, Happy left. BTW, have you

Wow! Rekha and I are now proud participants of a revolution initiated by Karl Benz way back in 1885. Yes! We are proud owners of a car - Suzuki Swift. At least, I am proud of it. Rekha had wanted a Mercedes Benz S-Class. As you can see her tastes

The year was 2003 A.D. The characters were the Hero (let us call him Rahul, since all heros have that name), the Heroine (let us call her Priya, since all heroines ..whatever blah) and the Villain (let us call him...well...Jammy). Those were the innocent days. Days when you didn`t talk dirty

I know a friend who is addicted to alcohol. He says he can`t live without it and I believe him. While I think he needs to join an Alcohol Anonymous club and sort out issues, he doesn`t think so. Wonder why he thinks being an alcohol addict is cool. I am

Taking a cue from Kiruba, I also decided to jot down the 43 things that I want to do in life. It was fun. Why don`t you give it a shot? I am would be left wondering as to what you want to do in life.... Click Here to read my

The fun things in life even out after marriage. Perhaps it is the commitment. Some call it baggage. Last evening...Rekha and I visited a gynecologist. It was quite an experience. She has been asking me to take her to a gynecologist for a month. I was postponing the meeting...perhaps because

When I was a kid I never understood the digestive system. I was under the impression that a morsel of food swallowed would fall into the stomach like something falling into a pickle jar. As a result, for long I believed it was the ‘bums` where all the shit was stored.

Monkeys have great intelligence. You would be surprised to know that some of them are more intelligent that us. Have a look at some of the monkeys that are not only more intelligent than you...but are also more famous. And if you search for my picture in that page....I am sorry

If you have ever been somebody’s Valentine, you would have noticed that more often than not the Valentine’s Day celebrations fade out with time. Being an average next door couple, we both have almost stopped celebrating this day. Now, before you go ahead get judgmental, let me tell you that

A series of blogs on my father, in the hope that he doesnot end up reading it. I am in luck: for my father the internet is as good as a fishing net ... I know it is hard to believe, but my father once owned a bank. Yes, a bank. Name:

For the last four years Rekha and I have been working from almost the same cubicle ;-) and now she is leaving. Bad. Very Bad. Here is her farewell mail. The backdrop to the mail, as can be expected, is movies..movies and more movies.... Hi all, If movies did not have endings,

In the last few days I have got 591 browsers coming to my blog looking for Mallika Sherawat MMS. Any idea why they came to my Blog? Perhaps they thought ‘Mallika Sherawat MMS` meant ‘Mallika Sherawat Manages to Marry Somebody.` Who is this Mallika, anyways?

Currently there are two (or too?) many twins in our family. One of our relatives - Sandhya from Rekha`s side -gave birth to boy twins a few days back. Wonder how she is going to manage. And today morning, I got a funny message from my younger sister - A sardar had

Only recently I came to know that there are a few die-hard asexual people who get an orgasm by puking. I promise, I am not making this up. Was just wondering, what would be a porn movie equivalent for them? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Or perhaps a garbage

Never trust a woman who tells you her real age. A woman who would tell you that, would tell you anything. - Oscar Wilde I am thirty years old. That is...1/4th of my life is already over. I didn`t realize I was getting old until they showed character-artist AK Hangal on Doordarshan

What you are going to read happened in a small town called Sivakasi, in Tamil Nadu...way back in the 1980s. 1989 to be precise. For those who don't know, Sivakasi is a hyper active town with a population of less than 5 lakhs yet supplying 90% of all firecrackers,

I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) * * * * * My life has always been full of animals. No, I am in no way referring to Rekha, my wife. I agree man is

Many movies have been directed and many stories written about what can happen if we hear people speak their mind. That is, if besides hearing what people say...we also hear what they want to say but don`t. Here are some scenarios which could sound funny - Executive: I will be getting promoted

Funny, I have to be ‘writing’ about the freedom of speech. I am doing so because if I speak this out, people will identify and bump me off as another fundamentalist….some day I am late from office. This post is about Taslima Nasreen...and my attempt to find out if she

I have never been a great singer leave alone being a music lover. I say this because when I last sang, people said I was reading. The only deaf person in the audience loved the speech I delivered before I started singing (she was lip-reading)....but turned away when I started

Rekha and I had left Chennai on 12th evening. Here is a break up of the day`s events. In subsequent posts I will be writing on what transpired once we landed in Kerala. [Everything that follows, including the typos, is being reproduced as was written in a moving train on 12th

Not all who smoke Gold Flake Kings, live life King-size. Well, at least not the ones those are married. Not so long ago, I was a chain smoker. Now I am chained smoker. From a cool sounding 15-20 cigarettes/day, to very modest 1-2 cigarettes a day, it has been a very steep

Rekha and I have suddenly become interested in babies. Perhaps, we don`t make enough noise at home...I stick to my Newsweek and she to her Star Dust. Maybe, we need somebody to trouble the neighbors living dropping the TV remote or the rattle or the plastic car. I remember, Rekha

You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you're doing is recording it. - Art Buchwald once said. He has been my hero since I started reading (rather forced to read) The Hindu. His 400-word column would appear in the last page of the daily and initially

Ever lived in a hostel? If not, you would better stop reading coz you are not going to understand one bit. Today morning when I walked into my balcony, I saw my towel fall from the line where I had left it to dry. It was dry all right. But

I will never forget how I tasted liquor for the first time. The biology teacher (whom I had a crush on, and thus went on to score 87% in XII so as to impress her) informed us that the next day we will be dissecting frogs and one of us

Situation: Girl friend has cleaned up her main course at the family restaurant but the boy friend is yet to go beyond the chicken soup he had ordered. "No wonder you are fat!" Yes, that`s precisely what the boyfriend ends up saying, even though he wanted to say: "Honey, you look

This is part of my series where I look at an image and come up with a story. Here are my two earlier, similar attempts - On why I hate chicken and Fallen Angels You probably don`t know but I was once a very famous jockey. Serious. OK fine...if you don`t

I am not much of a music guy. Guess, I am not civilized...and cultured. I am not happening. For me ‘Rolling Stones` are nothing but stones that gather no moss. ‘Beatles` are insects to be squished. ‘Beach Boys` are the ones that sell peanuts on the beach...thus disturbing Rekha and me

The Indian Blogosphere has voted the second most humorous blog in India. I am happy. Would have loved to be the first but then I am not complaining. After all. didn't somebody once say, "Seconds count!" For those interested in numbers, Ouchmytoe came in second with 176 votes. The winner

The latest news is that .XXX domain extensions have been approved for the porn sites. Read about it here. Why should a funny site get excited about this? Answer is simple: Because it is funny. I am a little unhappy with this decision because soon enough, it would be impossible

I was born by Caesarian. You can`t usually tell, but whenever I go out of the house, I take the window. - Steven Martin Today, I was telling my Reporting Manager (I use the word because it sounds less sinister than ‘boss`) that I wanted to have a baby. I mean not

Laloo fan? Download wallpaper now! Manmohan Singh`s decision is bound to have far-reaching effects. Thanks mainly to the Indian Railway`s network spread far and wide. I am sure, all of us are glad that such an important ministry is in the safe hands of Laloo. A few critics suggest that he should

This whole week I have gone without a drink. Easy for a non-drinkatarian (a term I coined hoping to enter into the Oxford dictionary one day), but not so for a drinkatarian. I don`t know if you have noticed...but I close my eyes and nose while drinking. I used to

Male sexual organs. Yes, that`s what this post is about. You are probably thinking why you should be reading this...well here are my reasons. You are probably a male but don`t know that and need to be told. Or you are a lady and need to be told about male