Continuing the tradition of live commentary - in 'as is, where is' condition - Ouchmytoe brings you life inside a 3rd AC compartment at 10.30 in the night. Before the commentary begins, let me tell you that working on a laptop in a train has been my life long ambition

India`s top professional blogger Amit Agarwal of Labnol and Digital Inspiration fame has come up with a list of the most widely read blogs of India. It is aptly titled ‘India Blogs`. Wonder if it is intentional that in the name...the word ‘Blog` is both a noun and verb. Those

Yesterday I took my grandmother to a hospital nearby. She had been coughing the whole night and I thought if I could fix her a meeting with the 65-year-old general physician nearby, she would be happy. My grandma had a ball of a time. The doctor held her hand (he said

George Bush has retained the White House. Shucks, I had gotten bored of the Bush jokes on the net and was expecting Kerry to win, so that we would have a fresh set of laughing matter. Looks like I have to contend with Bush jokes for another four years. Don`t know why

It becomes a double whammy when research agencies like AC Nielsen decide to use "mention in blogs" as a metric and corporates buy them! According to a recent Nielsen BuzzMetrics Sustainability Monitor study, Wal-Mart is the corporation most linked with blog posts that mention 'sustainability'. Wal-Mart was mentioned in 1.77

It seems long back two jobless residents of Pune decided to bring Taj mahal to their town. Their logic was simple ...push the Taj in the right direction all night and sleep during day time. In ten days time...the Taj would be in Pune. On their first day (rather night) at

Central Station, Chennai Train Number: 2601 Train Name: Mangalore Mail Date & Time: 9 Feb, 8:15 p.m. Destination: Kannur, Kerala 8.30 p.m. I have just installed my Reliance data card, and believe lives up to its Kar Lo Duniya Muthi Main line. I am traveling in the train from Chennai to Kannur

Just so you know...I have quit smoking in office. There was a time, when I smoked 10 cigarettes a it is just one or two. All this wouldn`t have been possible but for this colleague called Sunandini, who on seeing me smoking said: ‘Hey R-a-j-a-n! Your smoke is troubling

It is said that if one wants to know his/her true friends one should get a Sales job. Very true. I have heard it from everybody I have worked with….so must be true. This is one of the things for which you can’t rely on hearing it from the horse’s

In Singapore there is a bus service called Pub-crawlers. It picks up people who intend to do some pub hopping at a nominal price of $35 per night and take them to four different pubs in the city...each night. Pretty innovative. The service has been around for a year now (actually,

Just in case you didn`t know, I am 32 years old. Considering all the bullshit I deliver on Ouchmytoe, you probably thought I was a stud bull. Unfortunately, I am just another old man, who in 20 years time will get an ICICI loan for his daughter`s marriage to a

According to a survey, 70 per cent of all mails sent over the net are spam. And within the next few years, the figure is expected to reach 90 per cent. All this will happen from London, where laws for spammers are not so severe. Ever thought how it would be

In my 30-year-old stay in India, I have hosted many foreigners. And on all occasions, I have been tempted to tell stories ...ones not true but ...ones that make interesting listening. Stories like those narrated to the foreigners by the pan-chewing guides at the gates of Taj Mahal. Or closer

As you are probably aware, I already have a treadmill at home. We used to work out in the initial days, but now we use it to dry our clothes. If you planning to buy a treadmill, I would suggest you buy one that can hold more than four dripping-wet

In 1985 my father was posted in Akhnoor, Jammu (a border area) and thus couldn`t take his family along. Back then, I was 10 years old and was studying in the fifth standard. Every month, my father would send Rs 1500 to my mother, who would then manage the four-member

I had never fallen in love before I met you. And after I met you, there was no escape! You mean so much to me, my dear husband! The Husband`s reply I had never fallen in love before I met you. But now, there is no escape! You are so mean to me dear

New Year resolutions are nothing but new headaches to be taken care of, in the year that unfolds. You don`t realize it until you get married. Because, when you are a bachelor, you give yourself a promise and then break it at leisure on the 3rd of January - that is

Taking it from where we left on Yahoo`s 10 is a link that lists out 100 landmarks achieved on the net, in the last ten years. Damn neat. If I have to quote Kiruba, from whose Blog I took this link...and if I have to believe my eyes and

If you don`t know who Narendra Modi is, you might want to visit his site here. And if you know him, I would suggest you stay away. The whole of last week, this democratically elected representative of India (they want us to believe that) has been in the news because he

Before you even think of having a sumptuous dinner of rice, curd & pickle have to make sure that your wife isn`t in town. If she is around, and you tell her that you want a rice, curd & pickle dinner...she is bound to scold you and say, "Don`t

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. or so, I will be working on the 3rd part of the 'When I was the villain' series. Here is your chance to make the 'story ending' difficult for me - leave a word or phrase I should include in the third part of the series.

Though I have had my share of Holi celebrations, now it is but a faint remembrance. I am not allowed to celebrate the festival here in Tamil Nadu....they say I am a Dravidian. And it is supposed to be an Aryan spring festival. On Holi day (which incidentally was also a

Like me, my father has also been a story teller. When young, he told me a story about how one day, somebody told him about a restaurant where one could just eat and get out without paying. Apparently, the restaurant owner would take down your name and address and get

Riddler and the Joker are now passé - superhero Batman now has a new enemy. In his latest comic which has already hit the stands he takes on the World`s most dreaded terrorist - Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda attacks Batman`s Gotham city, which is then rescued by the caped

I have many colleagues who lead a tough life. I pity the colleagues who come to Gurgaon all the way from Delhi. Some of them bring packed lunch, just in case they get caught in the traffic jam. Moushmi Srivastava brings her sleeping bag too. Some like Varghese are smart,

Funny, I have to be ‘writing’ about the freedom of speech. I am doing so because if I speak this out, people will identify and bump me off as another fundamentalist….some day I am late from office. This post is about Taslima Nasreen...and my attempt to find out if she

Packing one`s luggage is an art. Especially since, as the old Tata Indica advertisement proclaimed, we love to carry the World with us. The Tata Indica ad is so true...when I sat down to make a list of things to be packed...I first wrote down "The Globe." Rekha and I spent

If you haven't read My trip to South Africa - Part 1, I request you to read that first. This post is second in the series. - - - Part Two Begins - - - While unpacking, I switched on the TV and the first thing I noticed was four

Gone are the days when my "I love you" would evoke an echo from my wife. I say echo because she would give me that romantic look and say "I love you." It is a totally unrelated thing that as an afterthought, she would add "too"...meaning "I love you too". Now,

At the peak of the Blog Ban saga, I had a got a call from a pretty girl called Ranjitha Gunasekaran of Indian Express. I know she must be pretty because most of them somehow find a way to get in touch with me. The day was July 17 and she

After Rhea (our baby) was born, Rekha and I fight over newer issues. Earlier we used to fight over who would watch the the television, whose family was better, the girl names I would mention by mistake, who looked fatter and not to mention Madhuri Dixit. But Rhea`s arrival

If I were an actor, I would have won an Oscar by now. I mean, I am all of 24-years old...but I am sure, I would have won it. Damn it. It is easy. All I would need to know is...thank people. Those that signed me for the movie and those

As a seven-year-old boy in 1982, I had taken my baby steps towards being a criminal. Back then, if you were a criminal you didn’t have to hide in a high-fenced complex in Pakistan or in an apartment complex in Dubai (did I just give away the hiding place of

Rekha and I watched Mughal-e-Azam over the weekend. Nice, colorful movie. Definitely better than the pseudo-tear-jerker Devdas. The movie is all about a young Jehangir (Akbar`s son) falling in love with Anarkali, a dancer at the court. And the repercussions. There are instances in the movie, where Jehangir, blinded by his love

They say today`s life is computerized. Everything has been influenced by computers. I say "definitely no!" For example, today morning I could not find my new pair of socks. If our lives were really influenced by computers...shouldn`t I be capable of pressing Control+F and find my new pair of socks? Or

I have been wearing glasses (not the whiskey ones) since I was in grade one. As proof I even have a mark on the bridge of my nose. Being a south Indian, I am proud to tell you that I share this so called ‘mark’ with a Superstar called Rajinikanth!

Twenty sixth of April is my birthday and I will be alone in Gurgaon. My wife and daughter are in Kerala celebrating Vishu (the New Year in Kerala) and my only girl friend will be out of town. Since I didn`t want to spend my birthday alone & drinking, I

There were times when my wife Rekha called me a Dog. You got to give it to her for being appropriate - she never addressed me as a dog in front of strangers & relatives. It was reserved for occasions when we were alone - especially, when we were in