>>If you like it, please click on the Fb Like button above<< Back in the cave man days, finding a spouse was easy. One only had to go hunting and come back with a huge, dead deer on your back and place it in the corner of the cave. The woman,

If you have been following my escapades with air-hostesses here, here & here...you will like this write-up as well. Rhea, Rekha and I left Gurgaon on Wednesday morning and reached Madurai in the evening - all for 3-4 days of Diwali celebration with friends & relatives. Since Air Deccan doesn`t

She was awesome with homour (no wonder she was the World`s most celebrated humor columnist). Something, I have always wanted to be. Here is an online Museum in her name..with all info on her. At one point of time her humor columns would appear in more than 500 newspapers across the

Somebody had said "Revenge is a dish best served cold" and they are still trying to find out who said it. Don`t believe me? Check out Wikipedia`s page on ‘revenge`. In the 33 years of my life, I have had my share of revenges. It all began when I

When I left Yahoo in just seven months, I had sent out a farewell mail to all my Yahoo colleagues. Today, while going through my old mails...I saw this and I have to admit that I was impressed with the farewell mail I had sent out. Thought why not share

Lord Krishna`s Gita might be a Hindu book (or a girl next door), but I am sure all religions suggest that one should just work and not worry about the result. And what`s the first thing we teach our kids? "Don`t cry baby, I will give you a chocolate." Here,

Today is my last day here in Sify. When was the last time I quit a job? Been a long while...yet as far as I remember, I have never quit a job formally. This is probably the first time. When I was working as a Features Sub-Editor with The Perth Courier,

Ibibo Web Pvt Limited has another Indian first to its credit. Ibibo becomes the first Indian internet company to integrate applications (a la Facebook, if you know what I mean) into its Social Networking platform. And guess who helped in building it? Yours sincerely! It was quite a learning experience, because

I don`t know how my family communicated my birth to the rest of the world. Some of my guesses are: Drum beats sounding like the much fashion-walked song ‘Cotton Eye Joe` Painting the trees in the area red (when the trees got cut and towns got built the phrase changed to

Ouchmytoe.com has seen two Valentine Day`s posts in its lifetime. Way back in 2004, I was looking for St Valentine and in 2006 I tried making it a special day for my newly wedded wife, Rekha. Today, almost five years (or is it six?) after our marriage I suddenly feel

Sex in India is different from the rest of the World. While we invent/discover/write kamasutras….we hide Debonairs and Playboys under our beds, yet to the world we are like: “Sex? Sorry…we are Indians.” The other day, Rekha saw a chat message from my ex-girlfriend and caught me: “Who is she?” ““Ah! Just

Rhea is now 20 months old and it has been a long journey. If I were to draw a parallel, it has been like crossing the Niagara Falls on a tight walk rope. That`s why in the last 20 months, while playing with Rhea I have always sat down on

I have nothing against the Mahatma. He was a cool dude who knew what he was doing, and went about it with clinical precision. My concerns are on how we remember the man. With a holiday If you are also like me...who believes in Work ethics...and agrees that a hard worker

I generally don`t get caught in traffic. Perhaps it has to do with the way I ride my Yamaha after marriage. Like me, most men slow down (in everything) after tying the nuptial knot. After a kid is born, they grind to a halt. In short, now-a-days I am so

You have either landed here for the first time today...or you have been reading my crap since kingdom come. Whatever be the case, you probably wonder what sort of guy would write such crazy stuff. If I were you...I would wonder. If I have still not managed to create a curiosity,

In fiction books read as a kid everybody had a ‘study` - a room full of books and a single rocking chair. From PG Wodehouse`s Bertie Wooster to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s Sherlock Holmes...they all had studies of their own. That`s why when Rekha announced that we had a spare

Indian cricket takes off for yet another season of rocking (pun intended) cricket. At http://allcricket.rediffblogs.com you can follow the other side of cricket...views that can't make it to the newspapers because they are too silly for print. But too spicy to be ignored. To cut the crap...this site will cover

The Cricket Blog has reached 10,000 Page Views. This has been possible thanks to the traffic it has been generating in the last three days. Here is the break-up of the numbers who have visited the Cricket Blog in the last three days. Tuesday - 2730 Wednesday - 2107 Thursday - 2247 (and

Click Here to savor it and please do remember to post your feedback. It is a humble attempt at coming up with a site full of satire & humour (hopefully). The good news is, Ouchmytoe is open to contributions. *Best viewed in 800X600 resolution. Best Wishes Jamshed V Rajan Editor-at-Large

(Warning: it is long...1318 words to be precise) I think it was the summer of 69. Or was it 62? Either way it was a summer to remember. This is a very insignificant incident that happened in my life. I know, it might scare the S*&^t out of you, but for me...it

A colleague of mine is leaving our company, which happens to be an IT major. If you have noticed, everybody always talks "Major." Why don't we hear somebody say: "My husband works for an IT minor." Anyway, that's besides the point. Thanks to this colleague of mine, who called it quits...Rekha

Sharp at 8 p.m., last Wednesday, our house plunged into darkness. Since I was really tired I decided to make the legendary two-minute noodle meal and hit the sack at the earliest. I looked around for my Emergency Light and switched in on...it was still dark because I had forgotten

Ronald David Laing said that. And I agree with him. What do we take home when we all die? Nothing. Why then do we grapple for material things for three-fourths of our lives...and realize we were all doing wrong when our sons/ daughters prison us in cheap old age homes? I don`t

The Gods have been good to me so far. Today, I made a discovery which I think being a God fearing gentleman, I should share with the rest of the men folk. Tip of the year: While traveling, ask for a first row, aisle seat. Of course, ladies with not so

What would happen if tomorrow all men in the World stop lying? They will start dying. Simple. You probably think I said the men would be dying because it rhymed with lying. No...if I wanted a word that rhymed with lying...I would have gone with - crying, spying, eyeing, flying, sighing

Deodorants are very important in today`s World. In fact, when the first time capsule was buried 50 feet below the ground, during the World Fair in 1937, a deodorant can was one of the items kept inside. It was expected that after traveling a long way the Aliens would take

Sometimes kids end up cracking the biggest of jokes. In order to pacify my three and a half year old daughter who had been scolded by my wife early in the morning, I told her: "Rhea, don't worry...sometimes your mother is too much." Pat came her reply: "Not too much. Mother

(If you have not read the earlier post please do so before proceeding any further) The thing about characters is that they remain characters - and spice up my visit to Kannur. Mind you, ‘spice up` is not always used in the positive connotation. Since the movie ‘Vishu Visit` is yet to

After watching some political leaders fight it out on TV, I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. It is time we gave other professionals - Doctors, Engineers, Software developers, Photographers - a chance to rule the nation. Agreed, we

Ten thousand times ten thousand in sparkling raiment bright, The armies of the ransomed saints throng up the steeps of light; `Tis finished, all is finished, their fight with death and sin; Fling open wide the golden gates, and let the victors in. - Poet unknown - - - - - - - - -

Valentine`s Day went on well. For Rekha. The only problem is...for the next year`s Valentine`s Day I have set a certain level of expectation and will be forced to live up to it. If the rate at which Rekha`s expectations have ‘upped` over the last few years is any indication,

I have an announcement to make on Ouchmytoe. Can somebody guess what it could be? Come on....give it a shot... Update: The comments this post has received are a must read. Please don't miss the funny, probable announcements that are being suggested. Believe me...none of the 20 people who have left comments

Has your father ever chased you around the house to apply that dirty lather (that`s what one thought till one started shaving) on your cheeks? If the answer is no, you would probably not understand the romance involved. My father was trying on my sisters, and me what he had already

Being the back-seat driver comes easily to Rekha. She ‘comments` on my driving and gives me tips on avoiding the spots of bother that I could get into. Always I rubbish her comments and continue driving. As a result, we have had long, silent sessions where neither of us spoke. Believe

Came across this interesting link and thought I might as well share it with you. http://uncyclopedia.org - A satire site, which is patterned on the lines of Wikipedia.com. Especially liked their piece on Captain Obvious. And here is something I came across in the Indian Association for the Study of Population`s website

During my initial days in school, my father always compared me to the Prithvi missile, which was designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organization. I don’t know what my father’s reasoning was…but I guess it had something to do with the fact that Prithvi never hit its intended

There were times when my wife Rekha called me a Dog. You got to give it to her for being appropriate - she never addressed me as a dog in front of strangers & relatives. It was reserved for occasions when we were alone - especially, when we were in

Today - 29th March 2007 - at 12 noon my wife gave birth to a baby girl. Now I know why babies are considered a bundle of joy - they come wrapped as a bundle in a white, soft, cotton wrap-around (doesn`t look as good on the baby girl as