That`s the famous Latin phrase coined by Roman General Julius Caesar after one of his many victories. When translated in English it means "I came, I saw, I conquered." How melodramatic. Recently I came across a funny take on Veni, Vidi, Vici. It read - Volvo, Video, Velcro. Volvo = I came Video

Rekha`s family has decided to strip me on the day of the marriage. Looks like the marriage will be sanctified in a temple. But this is only the good part. The bad part is, I can only wear a dhoti during the marriage. That leaves out my fat-laden, scar-ridden, breast-hanging torso

I got this as a forward from my ex-teammate and good friend Yuvraj (I like to call him Yuvraj Singh). It makes for a great reading and is really hilarious. Go ahead.... A ship sank in high seas and the following people got stranded on a beautiful deserted island in the middle

Ever wanted to create your own jokes? The best way to begin is to indulge in the simplest form of humor - ‘deviation from the normal`. For example: You start telling a joke about an elephant. You say: "There was this he-elephant, and he wanted to get married." Your audience is

Before you even think of having a sumptuous dinner of rice, curd & pickle have to make sure that your wife isn`t in town. If she is around, and you tell her that you want a rice, curd & pickle dinner...she is bound to scold you and say, "Don`t

I once attended a marriage in Rekha`s family. Today morning I was thinking about it...and wondered if you would be interested in knowing what some popular men/women have said about ‘madness and therapy`. What I say of ‘madness and therapy,` ie, how the marriage went ...will be the next post. We are

It is official. Rekha and I are getting married this Sept. For those of you who have had the misfortune of knowing Rekha, well, bad luck. And for those of you who do not know are lucky. Believe me. It is not always great to know somebody who stares you

Back in the days when I was in Madurai doing my Grade X, I was a pretty innocent fella. There was this theatre called VijayaLakshmi, which would lure us innocents into the blackhole called life by showing us porno flicks. The theatre would run movies like My Tutor, The Excellent Companion,

A 28-year old man has found a condom in a 2-liter Pepsi bottle. He and his wife had gone to Khandala for a nice weekend, and after booking a hotel room, they asked for room service. Even as the requested Pepsi bottle arrived, the couple got cozy. Soon, a condom materialized

You could be an Ambani, but there are going to be times when you are at the crossroads wondering...what shall I have now...tea or coffee? Of course, the Ambanis have bigger issues to sort out but my point is...however powerful you are...there are some tough decisions that have to be taken.

Been reading a lot about podcasting and thought it was just the right time for me to experiment. Spent a good part of Sunday trying to record a funny audio clip for you ...but thanks to a defunct microphone in the headset Rekha gifted me, no recording happened. Have currently

I know it sounds like a Hindi movie actress picked up by a rouge for a rape scene. But this article is about my In-Laws Do you know why they are called In-laws? Coz they think they are THE Law! I got to tell you this...those of you who are married are

In order to try and stop the riots, I immediately booked my flight to London. Once in London, I realized it was crazy. My immediate reaction was ‘why would anybody do this to their own country?’ And then I answered my own question with another question – ‘who in London

[This is a quick, late night post. Remember, I warned you!] People who grew up reading ‘The Hindu` will remember a Tennis writer called Nirmal Shekar. He once, while describing one of the many Leander Paes` wins in Davis Cup wrote: "When miracles happen too often, they cease to be miracles."

An air hostess who was willing to give me poison to test my love for her, a 90-year-old lady traveling in an airplane for the first time and a once in a lifetime opportunity - where I could have arrested the notorious Don Dawood Ibrahim single-handedly ....excited things happened when

When I was a kid I never understood the digestive system. I was under the impression that a morsel of food swallowed would fall into the stomach like something falling into a pickle jar. As a result, for long I believed it was the ‘bums` where all the shit was stored.

I wonder what happens when paranoia sets in. Now, don`t you stare at me...I am not that paranoid yet. But think of all those policemen who guard the streets of Delhi. I bet they are scared. OK...this article is a little late to be directed at the Delhi blasts ...but better

As usual, by afternoon I had to apologize and patch up. If you are married, you probably empathize with me. But if you aren`t you probably think I am a hen-pecked husband. Before I even start proving that I am not hen-pecked, let me tell you that being hen-pecked is not

Those that don`t watch BBC or CNN`s primetime news bulletin are probably not aware that I have quit my Sports Editor`s job at Not much of a Sports Editor, but still. I will be joining American International Group ( as their Corporate Communication guy. Is the move good or bad? I

It was the 31st of Dec 2005 - last day of the year. After celebrating five dawn-of-new-years (four during courtship and one after marriage) inside homes...we finally ventured out yesterday. I agree, it was fun. Dawn-of-the-new-year are occasions for people to do something special. Or a few like Rekha and I,

I know a few of you will be angry with me for being so rude. But having been married, I guess it is time for me to understand that there is no such thing called love between husband and wife. If somebody told me that Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for

In a way bombs are like candies. Easily available, cheap and loads of fun. I was left wondering where all these bombs are made? In factories? If yes, are these companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange? Coz, if they are ...I sure want to buy the stocks. After all...they are

Always been a Google fan? Become a better fan by knowing about all of their products here.  As if this list wasn`t enough they have many other services in the pipe-line. To take a look at them, visit the Google Lab. Why are we talking of Google`s so many services

Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Peter Russell – whats common among them all? For the not-so-trained-an-eye, it would seem as if the common thing between them is lack of sex in their lives. Do you know why only stand up comedians don’t get enough sex? Let me let you in

The Cricket Blog has reached 10,000 Page Views. This has been possible thanks to the traffic it has been generating in the last three days. Here is the break-up of the numbers who have visited the Cricket Blog in the last three days. Tuesday - 2730 Wednesday - 2107 Thursday - 2247 (and

Here is your chance - on which of the below given topics would you want me to write? Dentists and their sessions Divorce - reasons and consequences My good old neighbors If you want me to write on more than one topic, please prioritize. Update: To arrive at a quantitative number so

Yesterday South Indian actress Jyothika came to our office, and the whole building was cordoned off. She had requested for extra layer of security coz, it seems she is not good at handling crowd. This made me think. In future, the World will be full of criminals, who want to rob,

Have you ever been desperate? If you are a lady, you probably DON`T know how it feels...but a man will understand. A man, who is short, dark and makes no sense to pretty girls will understand it better. Just in case you don`t know, I am short, dark and make

This post is dedicated to an ardent reader Himani Sahni of Gurgaon who will be celebrating her birthday on January 31 - today. She mailed me yesterday and requested a funny post, so that she can wake up to something funny on her birthday. I am glad Himani happened to

In Singapore there is a bus service called Pub-crawlers. It picks up people who intend to do some pub hopping at a nominal price of $35 per night and take them to four different pubs in the city...each night. Pretty innovative. The service has been around for a year now (actually,

Life is a bitch, and my beloved papa embraces death. But when was life fair? Had it been...wouldn`t Elvis be roaming the streets of Los Angeles and Abraham Lincoln the lanes of Manhattan? By the way, did you know that Lincoln was assassinated in a theatre called Ford when he and

Marriage is a great institution. I mean, really. I have huge respect for it. While I got to agree that the driving institute where I learnt my driving does give a tight fight…the institution of marriage comes a definite first. I will do anything to keep my, my wife’s and

Sify had just then come up with Sify Blogs and in an attempt to populate the blogs, all editors were asked to start blogging. I started one on Indian Sports and another on Cricket. A few others weren't as lucky - they had to blog on Nano Technology and Chip

What is the issue all about? We expect our Government to do a lot of things - But not Ban Blogs. That too Because a Bunch of terrorists exchanged messages on some God forsaken private Blog. We had two opposing reasons to Believe that the Government would never resort to something like

A good friend of mine shared these words of wisdom on what marriage is (and can be - that is, if you are newly married). Thought I should share it with you all. Quote 1: After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can't face

Somebody at has been copying my content and uploading it as-is on their site (as if it were their own). While it feels good that somebody wants YOUR article on THEIR blog....I still don`t appreciate it. This post is actually a request to the blog owners of to

Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped. - Sam Levenson (1911 - 1980) My birthday made me wonder.... Giving birth is quite a phenomenon. We men are never told about it, and are left to fend for

Came across this interesting link and thought I might as well share it with you. - A satire site, which is patterned on the lines of Especially liked their piece on Captain Obvious. And here is something I came across in the Indian Association for the Study of Population`s website

Nurses hold a special place in my heart. Why shouldn`t they? Afterall, 95% of the nurses I have come across are from Kerala ...and that is my wife`s place. I am not sure if it is the same in North India, but down South it is the Keralites who hold sway