Shakesphere didn`t know Malayalam (remember, he did not write any Malayalam plays). But he sure did believe in what an average Malayali believes - what is in a name? A few days back Krishna, a very good friend of mine came home. He is the average Malayali cynic you will find

One of the greatest gamblers of our time died on 26th Dec 2005. Kerry Packer - the Aussie cricket-lover, businessman and billionaire, who gambled with the way cricket was played, is no more. Some 20-25 years ago when cricket was still played in whites, Kerry Packer intervened and changed the way

Our daughter is just two years and three months but keeping in with the family tradition we have decided to push her into hell when she least expects it. After all, why shouldn`t we revenge what was done to us? Rekha`s initial list has ten play schools - play schools that

This is old but worthwhile. In 2002, a British University decided to find the World's funniest joke. Laugh Lab set up the rules of the scientific experiment to find out the world's funniest joke. After a while, the results of the study were published in The New Scientist. As a bonus,

Here are some things Rekha wants me to keep in mind this week-end i.e., when she is not here. I wonder if her absence is actually worth the fun. The list she handed over to me is being re-created verbatim - 1) Pick up the milk from the door, boil it and

Potti, even before you start reading, remember that a tribute from me does not take you places. Atleast not yet. Firstly, sorry for pronouncing your name for the major part of our association as if it were `Potty.` Realised it myself, and corrected it...after debating for 3-4 months if at

*I occupy center-stage in all pics because this was the first feed ceremony for the baby, which needless to say happens in the father's lap. If I had it my way, we would have had it in my father-in-law's that I could show you his six-packs! **Ad Agencies seeking baby

But enough of me. Let us talk about you. What do YOU think of me? - Bette Midler Recently, I got a mail from my boss saying that I was being made Head of the Product Group, responsible for ibibo blogs, ibibo Sawaal, ibibo Locals, ibibo Opinions & ibibo Polls. Phew! I

The Indian race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime Doordarshan. - Unknown I know the above maxim no longer stands true, because there is now Fashion TV, Zee Music and Pogo. But, the message that the maxim conveys - that life is not about choices - stands true even

Here is a yahoo chat conversation between US President George Bush and Pakistan CEO Pervez Musharraf. These guys are generally invisible; so don`t wait for them to come online. You can send off-line messages, if you are interested. Bush: Hey Pervez, where is Osama? Pervez: Search me! :P Bush: Man, you refuse to

Suicide bombing hadn’t yet become a career option – the middle classes still wanted their children to become an Engineer, a Doctor or a Collector. I decided to become a Collector, because I didn’t like what the only Engineer & Doctor I knew did for a living – the former

In a way, Bar Stools are like Super Models. They come with long legs, and are often found in the pubs. Rich, drunk men use them but only till around 1 am. Around this time, these men lose their ability to use both the Bar Stools and the Super Models.

A series of blogs on my father, in the hope that he doesnot end up reading it. I am in luck: for my father the internet is as good as a fishing net ... I know it is hard to believe, but my father once owned a bank. Yes, a bank. Name:

Just like the tortoise boss, the arm chair boss, the peanut boss, the skirt boss and the dolphin boss, there are many types of fathers in law. I am not bluffing here - these boss types real but this post wouldn`t elaborate because it is dedicated to father in laws.

Jammy's split-personality who surprisingly prefers to be identified either as a half-boiled egg or cucumber because both sound cool decides to interview Jammy on his blogging experiences at Ouchmytoe. What comes out is an interesting mish-mash of what others would call ultimate crap. A funny listen....buttered up by a dynamic intro

Requested By Kumar @ 02:51 pm | Nov 29th 2004 I need your blogs on Male-Male relationship and feelings. Thanx. Sorry guys. Though I have nothing against gays, this post is not about them. This is about ‘male bonding`, which has been dying a natural death. And this post meanders like Narmada...that is...its

Here is a series of SMS exchanged between Rekha and me in January, 2004 - way before we got married. I have tried to give you the date and time for easy comprehension. Jan 3, 6.30 p.m. - Rajan: I am going to Bangalore tonight Jan 3, 6.33 p.m. - Rekha:

New Year resolutions are nothing but new headaches to be taken care of, in the year that unfolds. You don`t realize it until you get married. Because, when you are a bachelor, you give yourself a promise and then break it at leisure on the 3rd of January - that is

In the last few days I have got 591 browsers coming to my blog looking for Mallika Sherawat MMS. Any idea why they came to my Blog? Perhaps they thought ‘Mallika Sherawat MMS` meant ‘Mallika Sherawat Manages to Marry Somebody.` Who is this Mallika, anyways?

I really loved Elizabeth Taylor. I would have married her but I didn’t want to be the ninth guy – that would have really upset my parents. But you got to give it to Liz Taylor for her taste and ability to identify the right people. All her eight husbands

If Khivraj Motors the Maruti Car Agency I am interacting with is true to its word by today evening I will be the proud owner of a silver-colored Suzuki Swift. Don`t ask Rekha, for she would say she will be the owner. From a rag-tag Yamaha to a four-wheeler has been

I am not the selfish type, but there are some things that a man cannot compromise with. His bed, for example. I have been sleeping in my bed alone for the past 29 years, and all of a sudden a bunch of geriatrics (read elders) arrange (?!) for somebody to sleep

This picture of Microsoft boss Bill Gates was taken after a traffic violation on April 29, 1975. The Albuquerque Police department would arrest him two more times on charges of speeding and driving without a license. Not surprisingly, details of the arrest have been lost over time. Did somebody just say

I decided. I searched. I found the place. I mingled. I drank the coffee (?!). I left. This is exactly how I would describe Sunday`s Chennai Bloggers Meet 16 words. If you give me more elbowroom...maybe I can spice it up for you. [Whatever I say after this line needs to

Don`t you want to remind some friend of yours to eat fruit today? I reminded my wife...and now she has asked me to buy some when I go home in the evening. Why do I always end up axing my own foot? Comes naturally to me, I guess. Just like the

Came across this interesting link and thought I might as well share it with you. - A satire site, which is patterned on the lines of Especially liked their piece on Captain Obvious. And here is something I came across in the Indian Association for the Study of Population`s website

In the sixties, women asked for equality. In 30 years time, they would have it. In another 10 years time, they would treat men like dirt. I know it`s a shame, but I got to admit that I am subjected to domestic violence. I have proof - the burn marks on

With the India vs Pakistan cricket series in full swing, I thought it only made sense to update my Cricket Blog. This blog has been attracting atleast 200 people in the last one week. And it is only going to grow as the series progresses. Would be great if you could link

Why doesn`t Mexico have an Olympic team? Because all Mexicans who can run, jump, or swim are in US of A. + + + Rekha and I are half way through Iqbal - the Nagesh Kuknoor movie. And I would say it is a must watch. Especially, if like me you are also

News bulletins and pimples have one thing in common. We all try to avoid them! The other day, I just happened to ask one of my friend what his father did for a living. "You would not believe it, but when my father starts speaking, everyone sits up and pays attention,"

Rekha`s elder sister Rema and her husband Sudhir have come down to India from the Gulf. What kabuliwalas were in the 70s, the Gulfwalas are today. They always come back with goodies for everybody. This being the Christmas season, I wouldn`t be off target if I compared them to Santa Claws.

I don`t know what you are addicted to...but I am addicted to tea. Any kind of tea will do for me - be it Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea or my favourite Japanese Tea. It is funny how an Indian sitting in Gurgaon is writing about something

Listed here are 99 most desirable women in the World. This is a list prepared by If you haven`t been to the site before...please do. It is an awesome site..very useful for men. And it is equally useful for women because they get an insight into a man`s mind. You

Had it not been for the rain yesterday, I would have gone unwashed...unabashed. Luckily, just as I was leaving for my office, heavens opened up and gave me a shower that I desperately needed. I would not blame Chennai for me not taking bath. Neither would I blame its iron-fisted ruler

During a recent conversation with a friend who works for a newspaper, I came to know a lot of unknowns about ‘Letters To The Editors.` For the average Joe (and that doesn`t mean the 165 cms tall Joe living in Texas, US) Letters to the Editors mean nothing, but if

Before marriage I was of the belief that one person can never crowd one`s world. Apparently that`s false...and unfortunately I learnt that after marriage. I will try to be subtle here and not name the person who has crowded my life. Since Friday last (21st July) my life has taken a

I have an announcement to make on Ouchmytoe. Can somebody guess what it could be? Come on....give it a shot... Update: The comments this post has received are a must read. Please don't miss the funny, probable announcements that are being suggested. Believe me...none of the 20 people who have left comments