If you haven't read My trip to South Africa - Part 1, I request you to read that first. This post is second in the series. - - - Part Two Begins - - - While unpacking, I switched on the TV and the first thing I noticed was four

Here is a conversation I had with our night watchman. It was 11 p.m. and I was yearning for a smoke. After putting Rekha to sleep (which is very easy), I slipped into my sandals and slipped out of the house. I needed a human being to make conversation...so I walked

If I were Facebook Mail, it would have been amazing...for I would have been on everybody's lips. If in the last one week you have been on this Earth, you would have heard about Facebook Mail (or Facebook Messages). Experts believe that Facebook is most suited to provide a mailing

This whole week I have gone without a drink. Easy for a non-drinkatarian (a term I coined hoping to enter into the Oxford dictionary one day), but not so for a drinkatarian. I don`t know if you have noticed...but I close my eyes and nose while drinking. I used to

Indians are not going to win the Mumbai Test. If they win, well...they win. But the cricketer in me says that the English are going to square the series 1-all. To know why don`t look any further than Kumble`s 2nd innings bowling figures of 4/49 and Harbhajan`s 2/40. That definitely

Why are married women fatter than the unmarried ones? Answer: That's because when the single women come home they see what is in the fridge and go to bed. But when married women come home, they see what is in bed and go to the fridge. * * * * * I completely

When I left Yahoo in just seven months, I had sent out a farewell mail to all my Yahoo colleagues. Today, while going through my old mails...I saw this and I have to admit that I was impressed with the farewell mail I had sent out. Thought why not share

Just before ace tennis star Steffi Graf is about to serve, one man in the audience asks her (loudly) "Will you marry me?" Steffi Graf smiles - I love that smiles - and gives a retort which all women should learn from. Awesome, is the word. This was well before Andre

Always wanted to work for Google...but didn't know how to make it to an interview with the Google guys? Well, that still remains a mystery. One thing that is clear as of now is...what does one wear to a an interview with Google. Here is what -

I am enlightened. For now, I know why my parents had only three kids. The last of their child is my younger sister born in 1979. Just came to know, they had bought a black and white television some ten months before she was born. With this bit of informaton safely

I think man is a born businessman. As soon as he is born he starts crying for attention and when the doctor gives him a blanket for free...he stops crying. All you feminists out there, please bear with me. Though I mention him/he/man etc...I don`t mean to be unfair. I am

Here is a yahoo chat conversation between US President George Bush and Pakistan CEO Pervez Musharraf. These guys are generally invisible; so don`t wait for them to come online. You can send off-line messages, if you are interested. Bush: Hey Pervez, where is Osama? Pervez: Search me! :P Bush: Man, you refuse to

There was a time when an application meant a form you filled and submitted in a bank, post office or any other office just few hours before the deadline. Not anymore....now applications mean something else. We are talking of Smartphone apps. Here are a few wierd ideas for smartphone applications.

Bijoy Bharathan of 'The Asian Age' has written a feature on online Status Messages and what they are all about. Some time back he had called me to get my take on Status Messages which we use without a second thought. Here is the portion where my name figures:

Here is the farewell speech I delivered at Sify at 5.15 p.m on 27th of December 2004. I probably did not speak out the whole speech that follows...coz I was tense...and was too sad...but I sure wanted to. Some of the jokes are occupational (i.e., only people working with me will understand)...so

Way back in October 2005, we had bought a treadmill. Don`t believe me? You might want to read the posts titled ‘Getting a treadmill for the house...` dated Oct 3, 2005 and ‘Treadmill and its implications` dated Oct 12, 2005. It has been more than two years since we broke open

Times (New Roman) are not too good. A Century (Gothic) back cricket was played in the spirit of the game. The way they play it today is Comic (Sans).Gone is the rule Book(man old style). Enter emotional Impact. The Microsoft (Sans Serif) appeals have given way to persuasion of the

In the deadliest school campus shooting a gunman opened fire in a Virginia Tech dorm and Virginia Tech classroom on Monday and killed 21 people. The gunman was killed. Virginia Tech president Charles Steger uttered a few words of condolence, but that wouldn`t help the parents who lost their children.

ibibo`s top management (which surprisingly also includes me) was in Leh, Ladakh for five days recently. Half of the time was spent closeted inside a conference room defining future strategies and the rest was spent in the wilderness. On our third day, we went for picnic...outdoors food, a walk down

According to Google Analytics - the number cruncher I use for Ouchmytoe, these are the articles that have got the maximum number of hits. Believing in collective wisdom, I am sharing this with you. Read these at leisure. Needless to say, Ouchmytoe articles never go out of date. After all,

They say traveling makes one a broadminded person. In my last 3-4 days in Hyderabad I have gained a lot of broadmindedness. First and foremost, never ever empathize with the locals. Here is why - Before I left for Hyderabad a colleague told me that Hyderabadis pronounce ‘Satyam` as ‘Satcham.` I

Step 1. Boil some water. Step 2. Skim over the directions (in case you forget necessary ingredients such as water or heat). Step 3. Dip your finger in. If it hurts like a bitch, it`s ready for more ingredients. Read More

I got this as a forward from my ex-teammate and good friend Yuvraj (I like to call him Yuvraj Singh). It makes for a great reading and is really hilarious. Go ahead.... A ship sank in high seas and the following people got stranded on a beautiful deserted island in the middle

Crime is ramphant in this World, more so in India which makes its presence felt at the top of the list of the most corrupted countries. That is not to take away the credit of Mexico, which is the most corrupt country in the World.

Did you know that "Platonic" was a word used by Greek philosopher Plato to describe the love his guru Socrates had on one of his pupil. In short, love without sex. After my wife left me on January 19 this year - she is now in her mother`s house for

My father besides being the best shooter in his battalion (at least that`s what he always told us) was also a good map reader. Only a person with a good sense of direction can read a map well (know more about it here). My father, who passed on to me

This time around, I have added background music and cheer and audience applause. I must say I was impressed with myself. The problem with getting impressed with self is that you start wondering if the others will also get impressed. This Podcast is about environmental protection...so go on and have fun. Click

This article was written six years back when I used to work for Indian Express as a sports journalist. Found it in one of my old CDs and thought it was good enough for an Ouchmytoe read (after a bit of editing). Mind you, the names have been changed to

An English teacher known to be a strong lady, wrote these words on the blackboard: "woman without her man is nothing". She then turned towards the students and asked them to punctuate the words correctly. The boy students wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing." The girl students wrote: "Woman! Without her,

Now I am a proud owner of a four-wheeler driving license. It has not been easy. If you remember I had started taking driving lessons way back in March 2006 A.D. Today morning I got up at 4.30 a.m. and took bath - I never miss bathing on big days. By

On August 9, Seshu Karthick, a MS from University of Texas at Dallas, sent me a mail which unfortunately landed in my SPAM folder. Today while cleaning up the folder I found his mail. Seshu says that Ouchmytoe.com`s articles inspired him to build a web application which would cater to

My life has been suddenly inundated with the color pink. Where ever I see, I see pink. Yes you got it right...the color that one gets by mixing red and white in equal proportions. The color a woman would kill for - pink. No, I haven`t received a pink slip

Science is funny. Don`t believe me? I thought as much. After all, a few (including you) believe that the ability to make somebody laugh is an art and not science. And if science was funny...wouldn`t humor be science? Confused? Take this friend of mine - a neutron - for example. He

In order to try and stop the riots, I immediately booked my flight to London. Once in London, I realized it was crazy. My immediate reaction was ‘why would anybody do this to their own country?’ And then I answered my own question with another question – ‘who in London

One of the greatest gamblers of our time died on 26th Dec 2005. Kerry Packer - the Aussie cricket-lover, businessman and billionaire, who gambled with the way cricket was played, is no more. Some 20-25 years ago when cricket was still played in whites, Kerry Packer intervened and changed the way

If you have been planning to quit your high-paying job and take up baby sitting as a profession, I suggest you think again. Baby sitting isn`t that easy. Most of us have grown up watching beautiful and sexy baby sitters. If you haven`t seen a beautiful baby sitter....you probably have not

Indu Balachandran, a real comedy writer (like me), has come up with an amazing article on dinning out. Please don't miss it for the World. Like me...Indu is also an Economics student. Unlike me, she has won a Gold medal in journalism, worked in an ad agency, bungee-jumped at Bali, white-water-rafted

Even if you had been in Timbuktu (in Mali) for the last three months, you would have known about the contest surrounding the Seven Wonders of the World. And you can`t just blame Timbuktu`s presence in the probables list...the contest was all over the town, World & television. My company