Natural child birth is painful for the husband too

This post is dedicated to all fathers, whose contribution to child birth has gone unnoticed and unrewarded. If you have been reading Ouchmytoe for a while now, you probably remember than on 29th March 2007 our daughter Rhea was born in a hospital in Kannur, Kerala. If you remember reading this post on Rhea`s birth […]

Chance pe Dance

I have been dancing since I was just 3 years old. I started off dancing to the tune of my mother, and by 10 when I got beyond her control…I my father took over and gave me the tune to dance to. Around 15, I was dancing to the tune of my physical education teacher […]

On why I had to leave Silicon Valley

If you aren`t a smart person, you probably think Silicon Valley is Pamela Anderson`s cleavage. No! Just because Pamela Anderson has gone for silicon implants…one can`t take it literally. Silicon Valley is the southern part of San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, USA and a region where high-tech companies (and mostly internet-based) come up every […]