Cutting costs at home

If you are the man in the house, the only thing you probably cut at home is vegetable. If you are cutting vegetables, I assume you have been man enough to handover all finances to your wife. The person responsible for the financial health of the family generally does cost cutting, but here are a […]

When its not cricket

Indians are not going to win the Mumbai Test. If they win, well…they win. But the cricketer in me says that the English are going to square the series 1-all. To know why don`t look any further than Kumble`s 2nd innings bowling figures of 4/49 and Harbhajan`s 2/40. That definitely means the spinners are getting […]

Birth pangs

I was born by Caesarian. You can`t usually tell, but whenever I go out of the house, I take the window. – Steven Martin Today, I was telling my Reporting Manager (I use the word because it sounds less sinister than ‘boss`) that I wanted to have a baby. I mean not deliver…but be the […]

Heavy weekend

It has been a heavy weekend for me. For fitness freaks a heavy weekend would mean lifting heavy weights at the gym. For the music types…a heavy weekend would mean hours of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer etc. But for me…it just means a weekend when I was not able to sleep […]

Two many twins

Currently there are two (or too?) many twins in our family. One of our relatives – Sandhya from Rekha`s side -gave birth to boy twins a few days back. Wonder how she is going to manage. And today morning, I got a funny message from my younger sister – A sardar had twins, he named […]